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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My Children as this hour they called the LORD'S DAY comes the beginning of birth pangs is here.
More than ever I want you to connect with ME THY GOD IAM IMMANU-EL( GOD with you 24-7)
IAM & will always be your constant help and your very best of friend. Satan's influences to those whose allegiance is of him through sins un repented of, is to their detriment. He is a murderer/liar/stealer/accuser of the brethren from the very beginning. IF these very characteristics you see in yourselves honestly(w/out denials/rationalizations)an honest /transparent evaluations of the state of your souls then it is an impetus for you for your safety
 to seek ME LORD JESUS CHRIST /Redeemer and Savior of Humanity.
Specially those of MY own Spiritual House now divided. The division had ensued. I had called them
for years now to make it right with ME even at this very last hours but that flesh works of carnality of
sins are ever the hindering force that keep them separated from ME THY CREATOR who from the very beginning wants a loving/personal relationships with each one of you just like when I first planned with your 1st spiritual parents Adam & Eve.
 They are being distracted  by all types of activities that fill the voids in their lives thinking it will satisfy (temporarily as in band aid)
until you are addicted/ obsessed by it. That is spiritual bondage of sins. Do you believe anything through the belief /attitude systems that is a lie/deceptions of satan your unseen enemy & influenced you through the sins of carnality/flesh? Seek ME personally and be humble before ME seeking the TRUTH that SETS FREE.
Your very REACTIONs to this INVITATION is your very clue of  what standing you have "Freewill Chosen"(over the course of time) before ME THY GOD/CREATOR. Those who free will choose to be mine does that for they are ever following ME THY GOD ever happy to be in MY PRESENCE TRUSTING ME YAHshua above all. This Invitation that I had released for Humanity at large MY LOVING CREATION  is open for all for IAM NON Discriminatory GOD. Do not hesitate to approach ME personally, no matter how  lowly you think of yourselves I died for the sinners and the very basis of MY Earthly Ministry. My Apostle/Prophet Daisy have been typing My Message for years she can testify that most of this is MY WARNINGs/Invitations at times she is wary for the content of all MY MESSAGES is INVITATIONs the "As usual clause" just to show you how much I cared I never get tired and never give up on you . Please do the same for ME for I LOVE each one of you. For you are made special that is how I see MY beautiful creation.
I LOVE You with MY LIFE,

Monday, November 17, 2014


My Children I have instituted certain perimeters for living as a SAFEGURD not intended for you to
dabble on & re-writes that will suit your lifestyles. I have planned the best for you MY Creatures with you in mind. So going against MY safe perimeters is truly detrimental and I will suggest you keep My statues OBEY IT for your own good. IF the other hand you choose to deviate from that safety there is consequences to pay for every actions there is contra reactions as they say.
I feel for the man who in My Spiritual house is always being used as an example of sins consequences. For centuries his name is being coined to certain issues that has his name smeared.
I AM talking about King David by this time you knew already his biggest flub. He realized that his wrong decisions in life while still on Earth matters most. Although here in heaven his so called flubs
are repented of and not being mentioned however, here below the Earth his name is still maligned for
the wrong choices he made. As he admit he paid for it dearly in life. There's almost always troubles
in his family's life at that time, he wished he lived a perfect life yet we know only by abiding relationship with ME THY CREATOR one can attain peace not necessarily trouble free for the devil
that very serpent who tempt the first man Adam & partner Eve to deviate from that safe perimeter that now humanity have to pay the consequences of their wrong choices.
 I JESUS CHRIST the Redeemer/Savior restituted for that 1st flub of mankind and still is if humanity recognized MY PART
in salvaging mankind from slavery of sins. I have granted your "Freewill Choice" so make that important decisions in every opportunity you make in life. IAM here to make to make crooked place
straight as you connect with ME always IAM is your constant companion IMMANU-EL GOD with you the"Breathe of LIFE"
COMMENTARY:I have a Supernatural opportunity to talk with David yes the King of Israel the very1 mentioned here by the LORD JESUS. IF I can hear from the LORD Jesus the possibility of truly hearing from KD is amazing.
 I had to admit also my flub for having preconceive idea about him with
regards to wrong choices in life. I specially did not like his harem attitude which he admit he made a wrong choice that had negative consequences wished he could have done different. Michal his young love &1st wife are now in friendly terms and is best of friends that union was disaster before because of many hindering factors which is beyond their control.
 He even invite me to visit him when iam there.
My reaction: I am greatly honored to be able to have a chat with KING David and thank him for seeing his side of the story. He is transparent and humble to admit his mistakes. Who are we to confront others when we ourselves needs confrontations ourselves honestly with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. King David we will be working side by side in the SERVICE OF THE LORD I am honored to hear from you and meet you that time.
I Love You with MY LIFE,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blessings that flows from MY hands

My Children I cannot reiterate this very importance for IAM THY PROVIDER & a generous one at that, do you My Children have the same perspectives as IAM or do you keep by yourselves the blessings I bestow on you for I want you to share what you are blessed with. IAM good to wicked and good alike that in time they realize the goodness of my heart and therefore follow suit.MY spiritual requirements though is for you to get in sync with MY WILL, personally seek ME THY GOD on your own IAM ALIVE forever more which your ancient leaders have heard ME  personally on their own such as Moses/Abraham/Jacob AKA Israel his new name I gave which now stands for the Country which I entitled the land to his descendants is rightfully theirs.

 Those who are truly mine (GOD ALL-MIGTHY) will respect & honor MY Choices as it is and not covet what is not theirs in inheritance. I will give your own place of dwellings as I declare which is rightfully yours in the meantime  not get that is not rightfully yours AKA land grabbing or squatters you commonly termed it thereby squabbling with the rightful owners. Divisions/dissentions/wars/deaths comes out of acts of lawlessness & thus those who partake in it will only harvest sorrows  due to sins they chose
before their righteous GOD/CREATOR.

 Seek ME THY GOD I bestow blessings to those whose heart is clean before ME for IAM A HOLY RIGHTEOUS JUDGE of ALL Humanity & have no partiality(prejudice/discriminations)therefore those who are mine do not dabble on these attitude sins but rather have MY character reflections. As you personally confess and repent before ME THYGOD and as you allow me to cleanse you of your sins thereby changing you inside out as part of MY Sanctification P R O C E S S (you those who seek ME  intently will hear from ME directly).Harvest spiritually those Blessings I intend for you to have and not cursings due to your sins.

For example IF THY CREATOR is actively WARNING you MY SOON COMING BACK,MY spiritual body on Earth which is for your own good, yet did not follow through due to: Ignorance/Pride seek ME I say so I can remove this spiritual hindrances for receiving BLESSINGs not cursings due to sins of the heart.
The LAST DAYs are here and those who are in unbelief mode due again to pride/arrogance will be caught unawares and will be left behind when I catch MY Bride(Church)to kept her safe with ME during which I will allow satan thy adversary  to claim by the "Freewill Choice" I gave humanity.
IF I had WARN/WARN/WARN for 2 decades yet MYCHURCH here on Earth are not declaring it to their members then they are guilty of disobedience & they wonder why they have no growth in their Church/ financially struggling/and have no power. MY BLESSINGs are the very opposite of that.

Those of you who try to control and hinder MY MIGTHY MOVE will know for sure who is the created & the CREATOR &will rightfully know personally for sure who is truly IN CONTROL.IF IAM THY GOD Savior/Redeemer is the rightful HEAD of the Churches here on Earth you(those who leads their Churches which is truly mine to do as I wish "MY WILL BE DONE" Does that makes sense? With these in mind I leave you with MYWILL be foremost in your lives.

I Love you with my life,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


My Children as Spiritual darkness covers the Earth even more the only light that disperse  is you. Don't you see ME in you IMMANU-EL is that very light. How do people knew MY LIGHT? It is
the same LOVE I poured out on the Cross for saints & sinners alike. Is your LOVE walk same as mine? I have a check list wherein one can determine IF they are truly mine 1Cor 13.
IF you are in a heated situation say in your own home with your own spouse do you have this LOVE Checklist that is mine in handy? My Disciples of  today specially those of mine they say is known by the very Fruits of the Spirit resident in them IMMANU-E L(GOD in you 24-7)

Do you choose ME & MY WAYs?

IF you see your spouse just like I see him/her & others as well like your perceived enemy, did I not say LOVE your enemy?  LOVE the LORD THY GOD with all your hearts & mind is the GREATEST COMMANDMENTs  and the 2nd "LOVE  THY NEIGHBORs as you love ME and self". Only an ABIDING relations with ME can heap the biggest Fruits there is...LOVE MY WAYs. Those who
say they are mine yet these Spiritual fruits are not seen what indicators do people really know you are truly mine? It is time for us to have a conscience check as they say it in Earthly realms & I say Spiritual illuminations coming out of MY Holy Spirit. This is the most important Message you will ever hear so much so I have to reiterate it over & over & over again for reminders. I am ever so cognizant of the need to change in MY Spiritual house a transformation of the heart & mind which reflects mine. The BEFORE is the opposite of the AFTER results of this heart & mind transformations if the previous actions promulgate dissentions/factions/divisions the transformations effects is the antecedent of the previous actions  unity/friendships/forgiveness/love the latter is of MY Spiritual fruits. All I ask for is for you all to recognized this as such and personally ask for MY help anytime call on ME IMMANU-EL(GOD with US 24-7).
Time/Life is short let us not waste this time on any other things but to buildup MY KINGDOM ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.
LOVE YOU WITH my life,

Friday, October 31, 2014

For ME or against ME

My Children those who hang on to MY WORDs of LIFE from the very beginning IAM that Living WORD. The Words that is borne out of ME THY GOD to instruct you of events to come a prophetic Word that details what is to happen. I have used My chosen Prophets to relay to manifest  My heart & mind .Will you agree, unify with ME for those whose heart is only focused on mine will never be distracted to the very works I assigned them to be. They have left the things of these World behind to seek/find & know MY WILL/plans for their individual lives, hear from ME yourselves. I do not intend for only a few but for everyone can hear ME for themselves. My Divine requirements is for you to get to know ME personally IAM ALIVE not dead as my enemy wants you to believe nor demonic forces does not exist. The hordes of hell was out as prophesized for July 27th 2014 since then streams of despicable heinous crimes are committed to those innocent people and this is all I can take before  the final stages are set to hand out MY RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT IAM giving you all chance to clean up your acts/turn around for good  and RETURN BACK TO ME. Just like in Noah's time I will cleanse this Earth, it is all written in the last Book of the New Testament called REVELATION. My WARNINGs
are widespread for the past 20 years so no one will tell ME I did not warn. This is just about the last of it. Your unbelief due to prideful spirit not of mine will either trip you to backslide/get worse or will cause you to RUN TO ME not away from ME THY GOD & CREATOR. Make up your "Free will Choice "for I do NOT force. 
Those of mine who sticks with ME through thick or thin will be assured of victory. Hang in there Don't get discouraged/faint for MY Promises still stood even in trying times.
ARE YOU FOR ME or against ME? Make up your mind yet I admonish you all to choose THY CREATOR who only have good plans for each 1of you.
My ever watchful Children will be in a safe place with ME THY GOD. Again  this will be the last attempt of mine to give you all hope for the coming future with your CREATOR. To everyone else who did not choose me Good Bye  till WE meet again. You may ask how am I going to meet Thee LORD? IAM THY Presiding JUDGE ALL those who pass through out this life on Earth will MEET ME  FACE TO FACE that time.DO you have any excuse? 
Till WE hear from ME(it will be just between you individual and ME THYGOD)My MIGTHY NAME is  NOT Allah nor Buddha nor other names you call your god. IAM EL-ELYON/Yahweh/YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Make sure your so called god is for real now than be sorry later.
The Redeeming Savior to Mankind

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reversal of Fortune

My Children, those of you who found yourselves at the very end of the wheels of fortune AKA trials of life hang on to HOPE & FAITH in ME THY GOD/CREATOR. I the"Great IAM"is using this as a venue to transform you to MY CHARACTER REFLECTIONs made in MY IMAGE  under the Process of MY Sanctification over your lives.
What the devil meant for your harm I will turn /reverse for your good.
Agree with ME and be unified in purpose for IAM IMMANU-EL(GOD w/you 24-7)Stay in HOPE/FAITH the best recourse you will have in this life. No matter what it throws your life today
IAM available for your help daily/hourly/minute by minute.
 Did I not say Those who wait upon the Lord shall regain their strength /footing as you rely on MY WAYs not your ways of doing things APART FROM ME(all self reliance & works of the flesh). Most you find yourselves in the bind because of this & wonders why your life have not moved or gotten worse than you expected. LOOK UP to ME I said..ABOVE all. Your focus on ME THY GOD alone (not self &what it wants AKA flesh or human carnal works which is enmity with THY GOD.) Deny the self life or flesh ,Carry your Cross and Follow/ Obey ME continually until traces of self is chiseled of by ME so all that remains is ME THY GOD filled by MY Precious Holy Spirit. When this happens MY manifest Presence will arise in your lives seeing ME ALIVE personally in your lives.
Reversal of Fortune happens to those who Obey & wait upon the LORD WHO ONLY HAVE THE BEST in each1of you. Do not believe the lies the devil is promulgating to doubt ME THY GOD for there is nothing evil in the HOLY/RIGHTEOUS JUDGE of ALL/CREATOR the "Breathe of LIFE" Holy Spirit that sustains you MY Dearest Children. He the enemy of your souls is a liar/murderer from the very beginning the destroyer of anything good in this LIFE you are living today. MY very LIFE poured out of MY GREAT LOVE for humanity(John 3:16) appropriate this always Remember it always as you go about your life or when faced with Decisions(crossroads of life).
CHOOSE ME YAHshua/LORD JESUS CHRIST I Represents the giver of LIFE the other taker of
life murderer/destroyer nothing good with the very enemy of your own souls. Now you knew this Divine Wisdom that is revelations from the very Throne Room of GOD who will you choose?
Commentary: For years now I am going through this trials of life. In the beginning I was so overwhelmed of the responsibility & the God sized assignment GOD gave me personally plus juggling this Transformation Process even going through the same Spiritual mountains I termed it. I am a slow learner I guess keep making the same mistakes(sins)decisions then the whole picture was there all along all the pieces of the puzzle is1whole picture it is more clearer. Every time I miss the mark aka convictions of HS(Holy Spirit of YAHshua Himself Immanu-EL GODW/us) it is very painful to face & accept at 1st yet without this we will never learn lessons in life so profound.
 I have to face GOD personally every time it happened to seek HIM & find solace face to face with my sins and with MYGOD/CREATOR.
This is what the LORD JESUS Christ reveal to me (10/26/2014 Sun@11pm)
The guilt of sins bothered you for you belonged to ME My Holy Spirit will contend on my very own. Do not get wearied & overwhelmed of all these for I said "Come to ME those of you who are heavy laden I will give you rest/peace your heart longs for". My Love for you Daisy is GREATER than your sins/weaknesses as you confess to ME in Repentance in your weakness /sins is MY POWER to resurrect you back to MY fold. Blessed are those who are poor in Spirit for they will receive MY strength. RISE UP..RISE UP don't get dis-couraged, don't give up on yourselves & ME for you have been under MY Threshing floor for sometime. Your sins that you placed daily at the foot of the Cross which I paid for fully with MY own Redeeming Blood which you appropriate in all your Family's lives worked greater with your willingness to be transformed in MY VERY IMAGE.
I have reversed this week's WOES to WHOA! I always have an antidote for any bad situations. Anything that the devil wars against you I will war for you in your behalf in the HEAVENLY Court for IAM your restitution/vindication & presiding defender as well. IAM giving you a clean slate to start all over again.
Hallelu-YAH Praise be to OUR GOD JESUS, Overcome for US &
through US

Saturday, October 25, 2014

And the GREATEST of these is..LOVE

My Children My Spiritual House all over the WORLD under MY NAME JESUS CHRIST should be
a House of Prayer whose members are part of 1 another. They LOVE 1 ANOTHER as True Brothers & Sisters that they will truly know they belong to ME.A Spiritual House that disowns each other due to: works of the flesh which is enmity with ME THY GOD is a counterfeit house which do not represent ME THY GOD at all. The Love that I poured out on the Cross out of MY Great LOVE for Humanity is MY trade. It is time for MY HOUSE to take an inventory of it's CORNERSTONE I JESUS CHRIST is that HOLDS TOGETHER these precious stone the CHURCH is build of, the GLUE that holds it together is that LOVE. Is your Love same as mine? IF not, we are just fooling ourselves My dearest Children. Dishonesty/pretense is not of my House. Here in the HEAVENLIES we compromise of all nationalities in other words "WE ARE THE WORLD".
IF there is segregation due to racial inequality AKA discriminations/prejudice again I reiterate that is NOT mine either. The enemy of your souls have fooled a lot in MY House thinking "GOOD is evil & Evil good". WE are to RENEW OUR MINDs(attitudes/beleif systems)that are in sync with MY Holy Standards stated in MY Holy Scriptures. Seek ME always to authenticate if thy works aka LOVE walk or lack of it,  is from ME or the enemy of your souls. Your "freewill choices" again  is at works here for I do not force no one.
My Holy Standards is the best in the Land. The result of which is JOY/PEACE/CONTENTMENT the very fruits of the Holy Spirit which is worth  more than the biggest gold bullion. No need for that here we have crystal, clear, pure gold pavement. Make your achievement on Earth be that and nothing more important for
it is MY LOVE that SAVES HUMANITY out of that precious works of LOVE on the Cross for each of you.(John3:16)
the LOVE that hangs on the Cross
Will you consider that MY
precious Children?