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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IAM Thy Righteous Avenger/Vindicator alone

 My Disciple Daisy...I have called you to myself and bestow on you MY Seal as I can attest you are mine YAHshua's LORD Jesus Christ's sheepfold and your only vindicator/avenger. For all those long years spent with ME THY GOD under MY personal training under the unction of the Most Holy Spirit have learned of ME THY GOD just like I did your ancient predecessors King David a Mighty Spiritual as well as Physical Warrior for a WARRIOR KING such as I. You working beside ME as My Queen as I told you in (2002) which you did not understand then but do now(2014).You are part of the Bride coming from MY own lips and not of others which I am happy you did not take, for only what I say matters most.
What I concerned foremost is the Character Spiritual Maturity of MY Spiritual Army on Earth which reflects My own. It is a PROCESS I said as each 1of you agree with ME then we My Children can be one in purpose there is UNITY in our step. Those of you who are with ME THY GOD in this have learned over the many years you have been with ME who truly IAM as it is not just in the book or hearsay. These LESSONS IN LIFE is the very Foundation of who you are in ME & is proud of your Spiritual Developments. Those who call themselves under MY Precious NAME  will know you are truly mine IF YOU  LOVE EACH OTHER as I HAVE LOVED YOU the Fruits of the Holy Spirit is very evident. Those however operating in spiritual darkness thinking they represent ME should consider asking/seeking ME THYGOD personally & I will REVEAL even EXPOSE' this. Your reactions to these  spiritual confrontations will know if you are truly mine. Then make your decisions whose allegiance you My Children will partake of I THY CREATOR have given you MY Created this "Freewill Choice" for I don't force anyone.
Those who scoffs/mocks/rejects My Disciples just like ME who have gone through the same at the hands of those they call themselves mine even CHURCHES under MY Precious MIGTHY NAME YET will not allow ME JESUSCHRIST reign or they have forgotten MY SOVEREIGNITY OVER  ALL. This Disciple of mine I have used for many years have suffered the very same such I did. Remember "I SEE ALL KNEW ALL"  MY Holy Spirit resides in every living  Creatures THY CREATOR born out of ME. I knew ahead what you are up to even before you carry out into fruition thy hidden works which you think no one knew but otherwise.
 May this put Reverential fear of ME who knew
what's  behind the scenes so to speak. IAM the "GREAT IAM" THY GOD is everywhere IAM omnipresence I can be seen by those who have Spiritual eyes to see & hear too. I knew the secret hidden motives of everyone and vindicated/avenged those of MY Precious sheep in the fold who allows ME THY GOD to do what NOT Themselves.
 I do not dabble in sins so you must too. IAM humble & lowly of heart, but their version is OPPOSITE of Mine, the prideful heart just letting you know My Children that the hidden heart is deceitful who can discern it for what it is? YOURS Truly the Most Holy Spirit the "Breathe of LIFE"
Do not despise MY corrections/disciplines for out of these comes the Righteousness of JESUS CHRIST MY very own version not the made up version of the enemy of your own souls. 
RUN  TO ME  not away from ME IAM only have the best for each 1 of you, you are safe in ME.
Don't get out of  the umbrella of MY Protection by doing your own thing, the 2 of
US can accomplish  much more in due time.
I LOVE You with MY LIFE,
ROMANS ;33-34 
WHO will bring any charge AGAINST those GOD HAD CHOSEN. IT is GOD who Justifies not man. WHO is he that condemns...ONLY CHRIST JESUS who died for US for atonement of sins. More than that was RESURRECTED..and now at the RIGHT HAND OF GOD and also interceding for US.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Death Horse of REVELATION

MY Children...the plagues is here. Those of you who have experienced the devastating effects of this to humankind as those in ancient times have visited/ experienced them for a Season. Because of rampant sins the Earth is groaning with it. Those of mine appropriate the Blood of Jesus in all areas of life to cover you & your Families. Just like in the Bible times the blood is applied on the door post of their house so you too should appropriate it in your lives. You My people lives in perilous times make yourselves ready for any eventuality. Have you seek ME personally for help? I ,IMMANU-EL( GOD with you is available 24-7 for all your needs).

 The death Horse of the Book of REVELATION is here MY people the forces of spiritual darkness is busy snatching people from ME THY CREATOR. Who amongst you will help ME THY GOD to retrieve back into MY fold the spiritually lost? Find those in your midst that MY Holy Spirit lead you to.
I need your willingness and  availability to PRAY for them as always who MY HOLY SPIRIT leads you to. IAM working with people to work out a remedy for this deadly plagues which will be available soon. I have ANOINTED those of mine to heal the sick, lame under the Authority/Power of MY MIGTHY NAME YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST Jehovah Rapha your HEALER. Those who I have trained Myself and ANOINTED will be MY hands set yourselves for explosions of Miracles and Wonders as a result of these unfortunate times. IAM THY GOD is the Power behind these signs & wonders.

LORD JESUS CHRIST(Deliverer/Healer)
The LORD JESUS Holy Spirit Revealed to me & or others , not to make myself look good but to Praise HIM in HIS goodness & Mercy for everything good comes from HIM alone (not me/nor anybody) so ALL GLORY  belongs to YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST.
I have chosen you personally myself MY Daugther Daisy as a strong spiritual warrior such as I the WARRIOR KING. I have made King David the same way. He will have a part in MY Millenial Kingdom & each one of you will have to work with him too including My Warrior Queen which includes all those in the Forefront Spiritual War each one of you is facing right now. Not only My
daughter Daisy but all those who are willing to submit completely to  MY Sovereignity as GOD/CREATOR. 
WE all work the same level in this Family we do not envy, covet, jealous, even compete with 1another for ALL works of the flesh is enmity with THY GOD. I want each one of you to be set free of carnality. Seek for MY HELP anytime to OVERCOME any sins hindering you MY Children. For IAM the "GREAT IAM " is a HOLY/RIGHTEOUS GOD and do NOT dabble in sins.
I have told you " In these World there is tribulations But Rejoice I have OVERCOME it all for you"
MEANING:As each1of you continually Obey ME & MY precepts even the hard ones which most of you wants to pick & choose the only easy ones, just agree with ME & not complain/rationalize, with MY Indwelling Power supernaturally all spiritual chains off. Those Divine Requirements met & you're off to Spiritual Freedom each one of you is dreaming about. These words of MY TRUTH that sets people free(John 8:32)is music to the ears of those whose heart is right with mine but the people 
who sees it as hate is not in sync with ME. SEEK ME personally& let's straighten this up between  us.
I confirm personally to you that this LIVING WORD is mine for My Disciple Daisy  who ask in Prayers several times this is My 2nd confirmations to her.NO living Words of mine shall be thwarted by the forces of evil & will stand for what it intends for ME THY GOD to be. I was rejected/despised of 
My own people during My Earthly Ministry  for they do not seek ME personally to transform their hearts to be like mine. They never repent of sins due to Pride issues which is the root cause of UNbeleif.
IAM nearer than you think the "Breathe of LIFE" howler..HELP ME JESUS.
Daisy you and those who align themselves to ME LORD JESUS CHRIST will also partake in VICTORY I earned on the CROSS. Those who oppose/rejects you in TRUTH it is the spirit behind it
that truly is after ME THY GOD ,Repent therefore. So REJOICE, choose good and well I have given each 1 of you"FREE WILL Choice"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

TRUE LOVE Prospect

MY Children..I made a WAY OUT for you to climb MY HOLY HILL. I suffered/sacrificed MYSELF on the Cross out of MY GREAT LOVE for each one of you. IAM THY Savior/Redeemer & Rightfully so. I have called out on MY own to partake of this FREEDOM Spiritually to be freed of  bondages of sins in your lives. SEEK ME personally IAM ALIVE and a personal loving/living CREATOR who wish for you to get to know ME up close and personal. I have called & called but the INVITATIONs to some they think will last forever. It is time sensitive..act now is the right Word
even used in media to invite people to try their products.
 Mine however is LIFE producing out of the very LIFE I poured out on the Cross out of MY TRUE LOVE wooing you to ..TURN AROUND and Back to ME THY GOD. There is nothing in this LIFE
that you have done that I can't turn around as you place your Faith/Trust/Power to help each 1of you. 
I have gathered for Myself a REMNANT who came out of the same issues you have in life before then I clean them up as they allowed ME. They will help out & be my hands/feet I do not force people but wait for your decision.
IAM the "Breathe of LIFE" the HOLY SPIRIT  that kept you alive the LIFE FORCE within each 1of you. IAM  a LOVING/CARING/PERSONAL GOD which the enemy of your souls kept under wrap & lies to make ME THY CREATOR seems like evil. IAM HOLY/RIGHTEOUS GOD & nothing is evil with ME. However your enemy is truly enemy not a friend a murderer from the beginning.
MY TRUTH that Sets Free(John 8:32) You are not aware of this TRUTH (My version) before but now this awesome Revelation from the Throne Room of GOD is available to anybody
Yesterday(Oct 15,2014 WED) as I was spending time with the LORD JESUS  HE gave me personally this which HE wants me to share with you people. I thought I should keep it to myself
My daughter Daisy I have chosen you personally for MY own. Do you still remember that time I woke you up early AM of 2004 ? That was 10 years ago today(2014) You heard me audibly and sang to you a song that only the Bride of REV 14 will know. It was brand new experience to you something Supernatural happened that boggles your mind up to this time. I have done this to others too yet they do not have the Courage such as you have from ME they fear being ridiculed/accused of
craziness but that all their allegations are unfounded & untrue. You have suffered, sacrificed just like I do during MY Earthly Ministry. MY Disciples have to go to this themselves however, IAM there for you I never  will leave you. I have given you a NEW Name that meant MY TRUTH is in you. RISE UP I will revive you and your feeble knees I will  strengthen just like what I did with Jacob when he felt wormy or unworthy of this calling which your  detractors even in the Family of Faith who say they knew ME but are not .
IAM THY CREATOR & will only answer to ME not anyone else. I have chosen you Myself and that will build up your Confidence/Faith/Trust in your ever Faithful GOD that will equip you for the work I have for you exclusively. Your detractors who oppressed you will no longer be able to do that. Do not be concerned by their antics for I will deal with each1of them personally Myself. Meanwhile, FOCUS ON ME THY GOD alone. I will Empower you to be able to finish off this Spiritual race in  Victory.You are1of MY greatest Spiritual Generals so  make that your Truth every time you felt inadequate to go on. IAM reminding you again to RISE UP
I Daisy:I Love you Papa /Daddy can't wait to be with THEE for I must admit it's been a long winding tiring Journey yet truly rewarding like raising my own Children. Resurrect me/ US once more so I can finish off what you have started in me. I PRAISE THEE in the midst of our troubles in life.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Can the real HOSEA stand up?

MY Children..I represented that Hosea in History. I AM the personification of that suffering,sacrificing LOVE I have showed  on the CROSS to REDEEM sinners that Gomer stands for. I have showed the erring sinner MY brand of LOVE that some mistakes as fool when in reality those who rejects this wonderful love is the one who rightfully is the fool.  I have told the Pharisees of MY time their Father is the devil &  IAM straight forward & not afraid  to confront them for what it is.
TODAY when good is personified as evil & evil good there is got to be a sifter to tell if one is genuine or not. I have used the Purification Process as a way to sift those who are heirs to the Heavenly Kingdom & only the pure in heart shall see /hear from ME. Those who deny these TRUTH
have truly not known ME as those who have heard/seen ME as written in the HOLY SCRIPTURES .
READ them in entirety  not pick & choose those things that tickles the ear yet the hard part we choose to ignore/deny & rationalize. I want a pure Bride without blemish & wrinkle and the way I subject those of mine is through this Sanctification Process. Only MY SIFTER will remove all dirt/dross of sins and cleanse them through MY Redeeming Blood cleanse them as they allow ME.
MY WILL..MY HOLY/RIGHTEOUS you MY Children humble yourselves for MY HOLY/RIGHTEOUSS NAME is..A B O V E  ALL NAMES..ALL KNEES HAVE TO..BOW DOWN LORD JESUS CHRIST YAshua Redeemer/Savior of Humankind.
The END RESULT of these Sanctification Process of Transformation of the MY CHARACTER REFLECTION MY very Image the seal in your forehead that you belong to ME THY GOD/C R E A T O R. I love each 1 of you and wants you to LOVE 1 ANOTHER as I have Loved you that tells others you truly belong to ME THY GOD. I have to reiterate this over & over again so
as to REMEMBER what is important to ME THY GOD for IF you LOVE ME you will OBEY ME either in little things THEN Bigger things. AS WE agree together I will supply the POWER BEHIND
anything you think is Impossible to accomplish & I will astound you in the meantime.
TRUST & OBEY is the only way as the Song goes. Start LIVING what you knew not just hearing it
then the supernatural will happen as your REALITY.I can't wait to usher you MY PEOPLE in MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM ALL is in readiness for MY COMING to get mine in the air.
YAHshua who gave MY LIFE for  you
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And the GREATEST of these is MY LOVE(UPDATE)

MY Children, Spiritual darkness has escalated to the tipping  point that I must RELEASE   MY JUDGEMENT on the  Earth. The hordes of hell is here to influenced those deceived/seduced to do evil whose allegiance they serve  the destroyer/murderer/liar/stealer which is not of ME but attest to GOD a HOLY/RIGHTEOUS GOD. I have nothing to do with that. IAM Real GOD whose signature is 
 L O V E(1 Cor13,John 3:16)
 All UPDATES are in RED & BLUE
IF your heart is full  of hate/rage/anger it's not me but the enemy of your souls.
Unforgiveness/resentments/offenses/grudges/dissapointments/discouragements/lies & deceptions we accepted as MY Truths are ALL contributing  factors why you so negative that's the root causes of 
all  all anger/hatred/rages. "Your freewill choices" are all negatives(neg + neg = NEGATIVEs)ALL works of the flesh/human carnality  which is enmity with  ME THYGOD & an open door for the devil to attack you MY Children. Come  refrain from doing the same thing over & over. Put a stop to this Confess/Repent of these put downs & choose building up (MY WAY).
 I made a "WAY OUT" of these by RENEWING your Minds according to MY L I  V I N G WORDs
contained in the Holy Scriptures.
Forgive those who have done you wrong & let ME THY GOD be your sole vindicator .Do NOT allow any longer the antics of others which only make you unhappy and made your day foul. Do Not allow the enemy of your souls access to your lives.
 Those of you who have been through  traumas of life COME I bid you to come and be  delivered of that traumas you suffered  for long  IAM THE HEALER of Hearts. F O R G I V E  those who have hurt you. IAM THY HEALER  is well able to heal and erase the hurts/depressions/unworthiness it caused your heart  MY CHILD IAM  THY ABBA FATHER who loves you that  have sent to you  JESUS CHRIST MY SON to H E L P  you MY Children in your daily struggles. Be Set Free of the chains of sins & negativity. IAM  JESUS CHRIST well able to deliver you of the spiritual shackles of sins in your lives. MY Chosen  Disciples here on  Earth is also well able to do Greater things I did while on My Earthly Ministry. I(HOLY  SPIRIT) have trained them  MYSELF whose Character reflections that is  mine the Fruit  of which is the HOLY SPIRIT.
1 Cor 13 verses of the HOLY SCRIPTUREs that I breathe in and  inspired MY HOLY Prophets to  write for ages even to this LAST Generation one of which is MY Forerunner  this Disciple of mine whose mantle and Anointing likened to  John  the Baptist  and Elijah who confronts evil, a forrunner
who works diligently  for her GOD.
I said I will promote  MYSELF the humble  and bring low the proud & arrogant. In fact I will use as MY REMNANT this very hour those who in carnal terms came from the spiritual wilderness of  life, cleansed them, clothe with MY ROBE of Righteousness so they can also  minister to others in the same situations they were once before they are saved. Those who otherwise thinks differently &get  offended by MY TRUTH will I reveal their hidden heart for their own good. For the hidden heart is deceitful of all who will know it? MY HOLY SPIRIT resides in you so nothing covered will by no means be kept but I will uncover it all!
I want anyone be delivered of oppressions(physical & spiritual).That is each individual's "Freewill choice"to make. Take advantage however of these opportunities given to you today for it's time sensitive. I cannot be forever wrangle with My Creation.
MOST High Reverential GOD/C R E A  T O R of ALL

Saturday, September 27, 2014


My Children, I THY GOD/CREATOR is Holy and Righteous. IAM SOVEREIGN in all the Earth.
IAM  the "Great IAM"is not the Author of confusion or even ambiguity. IAM precise & clear as to
what I stand for. I have given  the 10 Commandments to Moses as your safety net and  protection. It is clearly
stated that murdering others is not allowed yet there are those who twarts MY TRUTH to their lies & deceptions then attributes it to ME a HOLY,RIGHTEOUS GOD.
 I do not force My Creation in  fact I bestowed the "Freedom of Choice". However, there is CONSEQUENCEs for  every actions you take or choices you make in these life. I have instituted
guidelines to follow to put each one of  you for your good
& not to dictate & force as some of you have done
by forcing beleifs on others then murders them if unable to persuade.
 This is not ME at all but of satan the very enemy of your souls.
 I will now as the 1TRUE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE  of ALL the Verdict/
Judgement DUE to according  to what you  have chosen in these life.
COMPASSIONATE not a hard taskmaster like MY nemesis satan the murderer/destroyer/liar/deceiver/stealer  he is not
a friend but an enemy of yours.
 I THY CREATOR only have the very best for each one of you. As I
preside the fate of Humankind what you have personally chosen & take  allegiance to will be your very R E A L I T Y.
 These ten  days of AWE, IAM available to those who will SEEK ME PERSONALLY before I HANDOUT  MY JUDGEMENT to Humankind. You have the chance to RESTITUTE/CHANGE that very Destiny you have chosen personally.
I BID  you  all  MY PEACE & LOVE,
Paid a great price for your Redemption

Sunday, September 21, 2014


My Children, IAM the "Great IAM" is the only Source of absolute TRUTH,WAY& LIFE.
IAM the C R E A T O R no 1 else. I Have used many ordinary people to exemplify MY Excellence
&  Humanity have seen the GLORY of GOD in them. I have used ordinary people & make them extra ordinary . I have used MY creation to combat injustices to make a way to MY HOLY JUSTICE. I have
showed this daughter of mine some of her cultural heroes in the Philippines where she was born.
One of this hero in the eyes of their people is DR Jose P. RIZAL & Benigno Aquino two vessels I used that time in HISTORY to combat oppressions within the cultural establishments of each generations. As in NORTH AMERICA where this daughter of mine had lived for 31 years
DR. Martin Luther KING 1 of the many others(so many to mention here) I THY GOD used that time and even this very present time all over  the WORLD. 
I have poured in their hearts the importance of Righteousness in Governance eradicating abuses within the systems. Both man had lost their lives for their respective Countries to a Martyr/Hero status which some of these groups even was deceived to worship them as their savior. I do not you to
be deceived there is only 1 SAVIOR to Humanity & that is ME JESUS CHRIST YAHshua the only
Messiah to the WORLD & yes to the Jewish people that is my Birth identification Jewish. IAM ISRAEL'S Rightful & anticipated Messiah which the Christian Faith shared with them My chosen people.
MY TIME has come to claim MY RIGHTFUL Governance in the Earth whom I established MYSELF. As I have used willing vessels of Obedience to cleanse the Governing Systems of Man all
over the World to cleanse of impurities within the systems of these World & individually through the
PROCESS of Sanctification.

 Those of MY Chosen willing vessels will co- govern with ME in the NEW MILLENIA which is now undergoing through TRANSITIONAL Period. The governance of man will now be Heaven's Governance as I finish off the remaining final stages of this Transitional Stage. Nothing can stop the ALL MIGTHY GOD not even Kingdom of Darkness led by the Destroyer you named him aptly a position I  the Rightful /Righteous SO V E R E I G N GOD will allow your enemy for sometime to do it's job for those whose allegiance through their "Freewill Choice"chose him.
For those of mine will be with ME sheltered from the storms now brewing to the very shore.
Your time is running out peoples of the Earth it is not easy yet necessary in the Establishment of HEAVENLY KINGDOM On EARTH.
WHO will be for ME? And against ME THY GOD? A DIVIDING LINE I drawn two opposing Factions for did I not say ..a divided House shall not stand? 1 of these have to go & 1 staying...