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Monday, March 30, 2015

Passover and Easter Season

My Children,
As the high holidays of Passover and Easter  is here I want to disclose to you the very nearness of MY 2ND Coming. If you are not hearing this in your Church Congregations directly seek ME personally. IAM ALIVE and was RESURRECTED from the dead so do you who beleive in FAITH in MY Promises of abundant life, the adversary satan the enemy of your very souls wants you dead(he is the murderer from the very beginning of time) mine is OPPOSITE wants you ALIVE My life I shared on the Cross
means abundant life for those who submitted their all in all to ME THY GOD/CREATOR and Thy Redeemer and Savior.
 Who would you rather have?
 I have given you "Freewill Choice" choose MY LIFE instead you will never regret it.
 Seek ME THY GOD personally more than ever do not get distracted by the World & it's pull, over all busyness just to be busy even if it's empty, time spent with ME DAILY will make up to fill all voids in your lives that you try to fill with empty activities that cater to the flesh or works of carnality. IAM building up a HOLY,RIGHTEOUS Nation(individually)building my Spiritual Body on Earth to usher in the Messianic Kingdom at hand. The end of age is here. The old systems of things shall pass away and a new better systems of this World I will rebuild MY WAY not man's way no more. Be excited for this even though the old systems will crumble after the dust have subsided the new way of life will be for those whose heart is after ME THY GOD.
 Those who are in their UNbelieve mode shall in any way change this however they can choose to seek ME THY GOD and will show you what hinders you into believing the TRUTH IAM now revealing through MY chosen, legitimate Prophets not chosen of man but ME THY GOD. Those who respect ME YAHshua  LORD JESUS CHRIST will in turn respect the people I have chosen myself those who will not however shall have grave consequences waiting for them. Every actions you take either good or evil have +positive or - negative consequences with it. The "Freewill choices" I hand out for you  is that you take responsibility/accountability for your every actions. Did I make myself clear on this matter.
Those who lined up to wave the palms for ME THY GOD means they surrender their very life for ME and you will be with ME YAHSHUA Himself the two of us together forever for eternity.
The Kingdom of Heaven will now be establish here on Earth which belongs to ME in the very beginning I THE ALL MIGTHY GOD had made it so, anyone for that matter who clearly does not want to be included shall have made this choice themselves.
But for those who chose ME THY GOD, you will be part of MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM that is of this moment here on Earth and so is the enemy I will allow him some time to gather his people and so do I. Make your LIFE CHOICES now..I'll be waiting
CREATOR OF ALL..JEHOVAH ROHI(Good Shepherd who gave MY Life on the Cross to pay the sin debt of mankind)
Redeemer and Savior to humankind

Saturday, March 21, 2015

IT'S UP TO YOU to decide, I gave each one "Freewill Choice"

My Children,
         I know that these times are quite messy, overwhelming at times yet I want you all to know  that I THY GOD is nearby. IAM the "Breathe of LIFE" Call on MY NAME to remind you of my nearness. To those of you who have left ME through some sins you have My Precious children "Freewill Choices" that will either separate you from ME THY GOD or draw nearer by your continual Obedience to MY WILL. Did I not say not your will but MY WILL, not your ways(human sinful carnality) but MY WAYs(Spiritual approach) which is...ALWAYs Higher than your ways.
Getting to know ME as IAM on a personal level is very important. IAM A L I V E those who know ME THY GOD on an intimate level can hear MY Voice audibly and in other many ways. Do not limit an unlimited GOD and CREATOR for I can do anything I want, no 1 should limit me by the logic of their own imaginings or warp perceptions of ME for they have allowed lies of the enemy to influenced them about ME THY GOD. Anyways, the signs in Heaven is there for all to see and know
the very Seasons you are in. However, those who are not seeking ME THY GOD as they should is blinded, pray that they will see the errors of their ways specially those who are jealous when they see other's spiritual progress.
 For did I not say For where there is envy, jealousy, coveting and selfish ambitions to promote the self not waiting on my timing to promote them Myself THY GOD, in doing so there is disorder in their lives and every evil practices that I SEE for I the HOLY SPIRIT(Immanu-EL GOD w/ you) I KNEW ALL SEES ALL hidden secret motives(good or evil) you may fool others but not ME THY GOD (James 3:13-16)I promote Myself  those who have matured Spiritually having the same or have the same character reflections that I do have, not of their very enemy the devil.
The wisdom that comes from above is 1st pure then peaceable, gentle, submissive, full of mercy and good fruits of the Holy Spirit without partiality and hypocrisy. And the Fruit of Righteousness that comes from MY hand is sown in peace by those who makes peace. (James 3:17-18) 
I give out however Mercy to those who will freely submit to MY WAYs only then they will clearly know they are at the narrow road where I can be found. With these basic facts in mind, it's up to you to decide, I gave each one "Freewill Choice"
The 1 who gave MY LIFE freely on the Cross,
Savior/Redeemer of Humanity

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lying accusations of satan

My Children,
          As the days of Spiritual darkness escalates even more, those whose conscience is seared will be used of satan to bring havoc to mankind. The very enemy your souls have influenced those who have not repented of sins before ME THYGOD and gave satan your enemy & mine leeway to influenced others to spirits/demons of LYING Accusations to it's victim. The Spiritual snake have engulfed those who have blinded spiritual eyes influencing others weak as well to accuse the innocent of the very lies of satan their father.
 Before you point your fingers at others SEEK MY TRUTH (1st) specially those who does not know any better just agreed with the lies of satan. Do not seek the arms of flesh for strength and fear man MORE THAN  THY CREATOR. IAM THY STRENGTH / ME THY GOD Instead for TRUTH not agreeing with the arms of flesh ...SEEK MY TRUTH personally I KNEW ALL/SEES ALL My Holy Spirit resides in each of the living humans I CREATED for MY pleasure. I've got the T R UT H  the Spirit of TRUTH & lies of satan is not mine.
Be prepare to answer BEFORE ME THY GOD THY Righteousness and JUDGE OF ALL Humanity. Man's Opinions does not matter ONLY MY OPINION does count, only those who have heard from ME THY GOD Personally will be MY Conduit to RELEASE T R UT H(My version alone) that SETS FREE!I...THY GOD, will E X P O S E the works of satan to those who have Spiritual Discernments will see AS IS, to those whose spiritual eyes blinded should seek ME THY GOD personally to make it right with ME THY GOD the1 TRUE Righteouss JUDGE OF Humanity.
MY JUDGEMENT will START at MY Spiritual House bearing MY PRECIOUS NAME which is..."ABOVE ALL NAMEs YAHshua Ha Maschiach...L O R D JESUS CHRIST ALL knees have to BOW DOWN".
I Love You with MY LIFE I shed on the Cross,
Redeemer and Savior to Humanity

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My Children,
 Those who are ready to MOVE UP ward in Spiritual Progression, Does not reacts and move in the flesh any longer have been overcoming the areas of carnality and Move in MY Spiritual realms will
get the Surprise I have in store for them. However, those who continue on their old mindset & carnality will face even harder hurdles. This training is not for the faint at heart but only for those who will forsake all else for ME THY GOD.I said it once/twice deny the self(works of flesh- carnality),Carry your Cross(sacrifice/sufferings)which I also did while on Earthly Ministry then Follow ME alone Obedience to GOD(not of the self or following others).
 HEAR FROM ME THY GOD personally yourselves. Learn from others who also heard from ME written in the Holy Epistles without them hearing from ME THY GOD personally you won't have this Holy Book. Be Patient because during this time for sins un repented of & I do NOT mix. IAM a HOLY, RIGHTEOUS GOD/ CREATOR and anything opposite of this will separate you My Children from ME. Acting on MY statutes not just hearing it will WALK WITH ME(1:1).This Progression will take sometime for it is a P R O C E S S(increments)into Spiritual Character Maturity.
The GOAL of this Spiritual Training is for you MY Children to have MY CHARACTER REFLECTION.
Those who are willing will not have a hard time, the opposite happens to those who are stiff necked.
No 1 is exempted even My Chosen Prophets/Apostles/Ministers/Pastors/Teachers and everyone  else willing(IAM not into forcing unlike the enemy of your souls who murders those who won't join them)
I  THY GOD did not order, that what I teach is.. " TO LOVE YOUR ENEMY and Pray for those who persecutes you IAM THY VENGEANCE &VINDICATOR not of yourselves "
 Those who feign to be ME THY GOD whose actions are different from the Genuine GOD that is the very yardstick to  know which is which. NOW it's time to make your 'FREEWILL Choices " You are now in the VALLEY OF DECISIONs.
I will be waiting for those who choose to be in MYCAMP...WHAT ARE you Waiting for?

Friday, March 6, 2015

I HAVE ALWAYs SPOKEN and never ceased speaking

MY CHILDREN..MY sleeping Church..I AM coming very soon to get MY authentic Children OUT of the harms way. SEEK ME PERSONALLY more than ever before. Those of you who are being DIS- Destructed by the enemy I will Deliver you out of it & from it all as you personally SURRENDER ALL to ME (Authentic GOD not cheap copycat need to know yourselves who is truly the REAL TRUE LIVING GOD). IAM  A L I V E and those who consistently seek ME THY GOD WILL HEAR FROM ME PERSONALLY just as the ANCIENT people in the HOLY SCRIPTUREs
who heard from ME THY GOD personally such as Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel, Samuel ALL MY Prophets heard from ME thereby transcribing MY LIVING WORDs to what it is now the HOLY BIBLE.IF I TALK (THEN) should I not talk (NOW)For IAM the same(yesterday/today & tomorrow)
I have never stopped talking whoever propagate this notion is lying and who is the father of lies/deceptions/confusions/murderer from the very beginning and do non stop in his LYING ACCUSATIONs against MY REMNANT.
As the precious time tics tic tic to MIDNIGHT hour IAM HERE IMMANU-EL(GOD with you 24-7)to console you, give you HOPE in a hopeless World which can only be found in your Authentic GOD/C R E A T O R(MY MIGTHY NAME IS Yahweh/ ABBA YAHuwah (Heavenly Father) YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST... I come in NO OTHER NAME(except those I mentioned through MY Authentic Anointed Messengers such as this Chosen /Anointed Messenger of mine YAHshua's mini me who I esteem highly and have to work on changing her attitude thinking lowly of herself
when it is the very opposite of what I THY GOD wants her to have. KNOW YOUR POSITION IN ME highly exalted from MY Divine estimation.
KNOWING ME THY GOD A L I V E & Experiencing ME personally is what you need to focus on not following people. MY Authentic Messengers do NOT focus on self or to promote the self to make them look good in front of others. The whitewash tomb which I said to those Pharisees/Sad u see in ancient times applies TODAY  even to those of MY own in the Church named after ME. I should be the forefront for did I not say...
Die to self life or "selfie" which the devil is promulgating the very OPPOSITE(antecedent) of what I requires of you. The works of the flesh(old carnal human nature which is NOT of GOD) is emnity with THY GOD YAHuwah and is the open door for the unseen enemy to attack you MY Children.
 I have reiterated these over the years from different Messengers. You do NOT function alone or to each it's own. Be careful who you reject for once I was rejected but was the Chief Cornerstone( I have told Daisy these in the beginning about her year 2004 which she did not understand that time but now she does) so is with MY Daisy who suffered the same from the very House of Faith she has Faith to help her out yet,

I told you once/twice TRUST ONLY ME & through ME.

 I will tell you who to TRUST for I knew the hidden heart & motives of men I WILL EXPOSE IT ALL & they have the "freewill choice" to OBEY ME or their selfish selves.MY HOLY SPIRIT the "Breathe of LIFE" is with each 1 of you who sustains you in these life IMMAMNU-EL(GOD with you 24-7)

I KNEW ALL...SEES ALL NO 1 CAN HIDE FROM GOD. MY Omnipresence is everywhere.

 So ever so kindly QUIT PLAYING GAMES W/ME THY GOD for it is always "Counterproductive move on your part" wasting your precious time & energy.
Always remember that so next time you do NOT choose the old carnal man I died on the Cross & paid dearly for your Spiritual Freedom do not look back any longer from your old nature sinful ways. The New man in CHRIST JESUS is your new identity walk in it today. ASK ME for help anytime to empower you to OVERCOME. With that in mind MY Children prepare for my coming with ME.
Redeemer/Savior  to the World
SUBMIT to ME THY GOD/C R E A T O R completely you will not regret that decision to FOLLOW ME WHOLE HEARTEDLY..

Friday, February 27, 2015

Reverentially fear GOD

My Children and those who pretend they are of ME THY GOD,
NO1 CAN HIDE FROM ME I KNEW ALL and SEE ALL. Nothing is hidden from MY Sight for IAM the "Breathe of LIFE" I KNEW the Genuine from the fake, their so called hidden secret Motives I THY GOD KNEW BEFOREHAND. They may fool others but NOT ME THY GOD.
IAM JEHOVAH  ROHI(the Good Shepherd)alone will JUDGE those whose Purpose is to slander/destroy the reputation of MY RIGHTEOUS ones and will VINDICATE MY Self on their behalf. The wicked will eat their proud words which they thought came from ME THYGOD yet I the HOLY SPIRIT Immanu-EL saw their evil intent .Those who agree with them will get the same JUDGEMENT for they do NOT inquire of ME personally, they do not know ME as IAM A  HOLY RIGHTEOUS GOD/CREATOR ,YAHWEH is MY GREAT NAME.
This Messenger of mine, CHOSEN BY GOD(not mere man) have I prepared MY  SELF over the years and is CONFIDENT, TRUSTING in ME alone for she had personally experienced ME THY GOD of MY JUSTICE against ALL INjustices hurled at her(she was their scapegoat for they cannot handle ME) is really AGAINST ME THY GOD they're after.
The dark spirits BEHIND ALL these shenanigans of satan is to confuse those whom he uses against MY CHOSEN ELECTs. That maybe the case but they cannot fool the GOD/CREATOR of the UNIVERSE and ALL in it.
IAM a JUST/ HOLY & RIGHTEOUS JUDGE OF ALL and will see to it that J U S T I C E (MY WAY)will STAND.
Woe to those who
COME AGAINST ME THY GOD You know who you are for your utter REBELLION will I Trample and unless you in KORAH'S Rebellious Group will acknowledge
that in humility before ME THYGOD, each 1 of you will find that it is not good to
which I Created and all Humanity in it.
MY TRUTH that sets free and MY JUSTICE will stand AGAINST ALL Spiritual darkness that envelops the LAND ...HEED MY WARNINGS through MY Legitimate Prophets such as this one whom you are persecuting is really I,THYGOD you are after ,therefore be prepared to MEET ME THY GOD HEAD ON!
Also Known As..LORD JESUS CHRIST (Redeemer/Savior)

Saturday, February 21, 2015


My Children the Family unit is the most important structure of society once it falls apart society goes down with it that is the very reason I THY CREATOR instituted MARRIAGE as sacred Covenant.
I clearly stated in My Holy Scriptures the importance of staying in this Bond of Matrimony.
 Children from broken homes feels disfranchised & not truly belonged to either new families formed. Despite of this problem scenarios families are facing specially this end times, more and more young people are looking for stability somewhere else. They are vulnerable to all venues that will jeopardize their lives.
Fantasy movies that is full of witchraft , occult, horror, crime movies that promotes all forms of lawlessness, lust, violence, aggressions feeds their  young minds. Wrong  influences,hanging around wrong crowd too this vulnerable young adults will do anything  just to be part of the crowd compromising their safety.
Even young women are enticed to enter the unknowns just to getaway to a troublesome family life & or personal life to a life of adventure somewhere they thought  will be full of fun not knowing what is  in store for them in this dangerous places and  situations they are entering.
The unseen enemy's traps are quite cunning blatantly luring people into ideology that seems right yet deadly. This is the very issues that face our young adults. Do not condemn them just PRAY for them
continually.Help them out to have a personal relationship with ME THY GOD to build their confidence and Faith in ME. To hear  My voice themselves and follow My admonitions, advice I will lead them to safety. TRUST and OBEY  ME THY GOD is the very major factor in your victory against the assault of the unseen enemy.
Go on a look out for those I ask you to
 Pray and help according to MY instructions. Your individual help is invaluable to ME THY GOD who only have your best interest at heart My Children.