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Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Mt Carmel Confrontations

MY live in the time period of transitions ...from where you may ask?
IAM the Great IAM CREATOR is now declaring that the dividing lines are drawn to whose allegiance everyone has chosen for their own.
As Elijah of ancient times have confronted the  evil false prophets...You too My Children will do the same thing. This daughter of  mine I used for many years as Elijah of old did confronting evil & spiritual darkness
which abounds today this very LAST GENERATION. IF you knew ME personally that TRUST/FAITH I built in you over the years for MY Faithfulness you have encountered personally, confident in your GOD  by the courage/boldness that comes from ME THY GOD is not of your old nature but MY the HOLY SPIRIT in you.
IAM sending you as MY Representatives to the WORLD. You have as IAM during MY Earthly Ministry have been rejected/mock//slandered/gossiped/even MY LIFE have been threatened so many times over so you too MY Disciples of  today. You have been through many afflictions that ME THY GOD have encountered THEN so you too. IAM  IMMANU-EL(GOD w/you) is there for you on every occasions even  in the midst of turmoil you find yourselves in which will even escalate to higher crescendo no matter what IAM THY GOD is there for you.
This high Holiday months of the Feast of TRUMPETS SEEK ME personally for Prayer &Fasting period I will Cleanse/Deliver you so you MY Children can administer the same to others as well as others in need. The Elijah Spirit will fall on those I anoint such as this daughter of mine I used for many years. Remember you are SERVING the HIGHEST POSITION in HEAVEN as well on EARTH as you remember who you SERVE fear will be replaced with Courage/Boldness to  DECLARE MY T R U T H that sets free!(John8:32/Col1:13/1Peter 2:9)
With these in mind include in your Prayers those whom I used to DELIVER Messages to unbeleivers that very few take as assignments meaning no takers but always this daughter of mine which she wants to retire from after serving ME THY GOD for 13 years. Seeing that no takers for this job she continues on & on. She &her Family deserves your Prayers My Children. Thank You very much for continuing BY FAITH WE WILL MEET this Month of Sept 2014 in Prayer & Fasting. I BLESS &LOVE YOU all.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


DIATRIBE: Abusive denunciation/long angry speech or scolding
MY Children,
Bring to ME THY GOD all abusive speeches that emanates from a proud heart. For did I not say I will humble the prideful & promote the humble of hearts. My Chastisements/Disciplines aka MY ROD & STAFF is for your own good. Those who thinks otherwise will be exposed of this so the offending root causes can be cleansed by ME as you approach ME THY GOD in REPENTANCE.
A Proud heart is the very sin that made a once beautiful Angel named Lucifer fall from Grace thinking he can outsmart his own C R E AT O R there is a big difference between being a Creation & a CREATOR that alone can one deduce the big difference. However those operating in pride mode can not see it or else they will not attempt doing something that is detrimental to them. Those of you who care enough
for anyone whose in this state intercede for them in Prayer until you see the results. Those of you in the blog talk & say nasty/even say death wish for others such as dark curses to fall on anyone.
example I have shown this Daugther of mine Theysee YAH today (8/30/14 SAT) is about a CNN news clip about a certain celeb in the Hospital serious condition & needs PRAYER yet most 85%
says otherwise  even releasing evil diatribe slandering & cursing. Because I LOVE You I need to let
you know any UNacceptable behavior done will meet immediately the consequences of their actions
For did I not say.."WHAT WE SOW WE WILL REAP IN RETURN"(either good or evil)
I AM  Holiness &Righteoussness those of Mine reflects MY Character those whose not belongs to
their Father the devil & not afraid to say so.With these in mind be Courteous/Respectful of others
for IF they recommend to PRAY for RECOVERY& say otherwise cursing to death you will reap what you just deposited heaping it on your own heads. IWARNED/WARNED so no one have excuses.

Monday, August 25, 2014


My Children this Spiritual Darkness that is thicker than the fog that envelops the LAND so thick you can slice it in half is just the prelude to many more that is coming. Those however that is spiritually impaired never even notice a difference. Those  that have spiritual eyes knew the very Seasons we are in for they seek ME THY GOD personally on a daily basis I lead them to these TRUTHs in return imparts them to others. I likened these sheep of mine the 10 virgin Brides 5 virgin Bride's oil lamps is full while the other 5 foolish Bride is distracted by a lot in these World has to offer.

I'd like you to TURN AROUND for THY Bridegroom is about to arrive &I do not want you unprepared & caught unawares. I reminded this through my spoke person this Bride of mine & used her for 13years now. The training can be truly be likened to soldier's boot camp. Part of this is Character Maturity I need to sure My Bride to be is matured for I do not want to baby sit. My Spiritual soldiers on Earth what you have learned over the years of these training for a LIFE of  Service just like I did during My earthly Ministry. I will use each 1 of you according to your willingness & availability. I prefer however that you serve ME with gladness not out of duty. Those whose attitude match mine truly have been borne out of MY Spirit & slowly take the very image of
it's C R E A T O R.
This spiritual boot camp will turn a boy/girl to start with to a Matured/Confident/Humble/Servant  such as I. Pattern your Spiritual Calling after mine during MY Earthly Ministry. As each 1 of you read MY Holy epistles how I minister to people. Of course not all the time it's hardships but I will pour MY joy/contentment  in your hearts as you choose to forget about the self w/c I  ask you to deny
continually, carry your spiritual cross & continually follow ME. There is a time of refreshments in
spending time with ME it is that time where I will pour out my many Blessings and it's worth your
precious time. Discipline MY way pays in numerous ways, so all sacrifices is richly rewarded by yours truly as I see fit. I LOVE to see MY Sheep enjoying in the midst of difficulties  I will pour in
surprises/miracles/joy/contentment/peace. So come MY Children agree with ME you will not regret
you signed up to join MY Spiritual Family.
THY Spiritual Commander in Chief

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


MY Beloved Children IAM THY GOD is preparing each one of you personally as you give ME THY GOD (the only 1 no 1 else)for the hordes of hell is in thy midst sowing all lawlessness & iniquities.
As always be MY HEART/HANDs
in areas that requires helping out others as I instructs you personally. YES everyone IAM CALLING establishing personal relationship with the 1 TRUE LIVING GOD(Y A H WEH is MY MIGTHY NAME). Those whose allegiance to themselves & what they can get out of everyone should consider mine now. The self focus should be on ME THY CREATOR for did I not say die to self life aka works of human carnality for that is not mine. AGREE with ME THY CREATOR so you each 1 of you are important to this LAST DAY MISSION.
"MY WILL be done on Earth as it is in HEAVEN"
The self will should bow to MY WILL at any time.I should be your 1st Priority my Children. Deny the self(works of carnality)Carry thy Spiritual Cross & OBEY or follow ME alone(not self/others & pull of the World).
As WE agree on this & WE are 1 in Spirit then our woks commences. You have a very important job to do for THY CREATOR. The Spiritual Harvest are great yet few who choose to work for ME THY GOD the way I want not the way they want(big difference). It is imperative that you know MY DIVINE REQUIREMENTS for I can NOT use those who are high & lofty with self pride just like my previous creation Lucifer whose beauty is beyond the ordinary he get off the right road then fall off the wrong direction. I do NOT want you My Children to end like that learn from that big mistake.
meek &humble even preferring a donkey as my mode of transport." I came to serve not to be served" you MY DISCIPLEs should be MY Character Reflections not the enemy of your souls. As you choose
to be IN SYNC with ME THYGOD in Spiritual Maturity then our(you & mine) MIRACLES will be your rear guard. The Character formation the way I want it is the key indicator you are truly have arrived in MY encarta. I alone can determine that for the HOLY SPIRIT lives in every human beings I CREATED MY Creation. Do not waste your time & energy on things that does not count for your
Heavenly Inheritance is what matters ETERNALLY . Anything that is of this Earth is TEMPORARY put your Priorities where it should be.
SEEK ME PERSONALLY...HEAR FROM ME THY GOD directly(but it will be MY timing & venues)
Most of you have BEEN THROUGH over the years in trials of life & I was there for you Myself to help you out My Children as you call on ME THY GOD to intervene/help. IAM a personal loving GOD as have experienced by many who gave out their Testimony for ME. Those who does not know ME as truly IAM see ME differently a warp view which they believed the lies that the liar made them believe. Those who have sought GOD on a personal honest level & have ABIDING RELATIONs with ME THY GOD knew otherwise. IAM calling you back My Prodigal Children Give LOVE a chance.
LOVE as always,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ad Hoc Commitee

My Children IAM in the Process of establishing an ad hoc committee
 to help out those Countries that is in disarray due to Spiritual Uprising on the Land. That is just for start of course until it becomes organized and established in time. I need your help My Spiritual Army on Earth that sheds no blood to seek ME on the areas of help you can be MY HANDS / HEART/FEET.

Prayers are needed mostly where it is due. ASK ME what to Pray for & I will lead you all to it as you daily seek ME personally. Grant ME THY GOD some of your precious time so you can hear personally from ME. Learning to hear from ME is necessary to facilitate information from the very basic level then upwards. These uprisings are part of the plan done by the enemy of your souls to incite riots/divisions & strife due to discontent/anger & hatred against another to avenge/revenge for themselves what they termed as injustice by the system that they envisioned as the Source of the people's afflictions. However I have an Eagle's vision & perspectives that I can see as a whole so I knew the full scope of the issues at hand as oppose to your limited sight.

These Spiritual Warfare I knew from the very beginning and will end it as Planned /Prophesized
in ancient times refer to it My Beloveds most specially these END TIMES Books in the Torah Old Testaments Book of Ezekiel (38 & 39) Book of Daniel & REVELATION. Some of My Children does not have any idea what's going on brought on by not connecting with ME THY GOD on the personal level & lies/deceptions they believed that is not of ME THY CREATOR but the enemies of their souls. Help them My beloved Children P R A Y that their Spiritual eyes may be opened to the
very T R U T H of their unfortunate circumstances.

Another wave of attacks is planned by the enemy of your souls to annihilate as in genocide the human race. The pale horse of Revelation is on the move zero in the target. However, you My Remnant Righteous Army of the LORD JESUS that sheds no blood will be fighting not the way others normally do it but in Faith/Love/Mercy/Compassions/Forgiveness & Prayers. IF you notice My Beloveds it's building up on our side while theirs is tearing down humanity.

The chaos /mayhem brought about this will always some of you stone frozen with fear/insecurity about this whole mess. However I do not want you be suck into that negative mode that the enemy of your souls wants you in. RISE UP  RISE UP RISE UP  IAM Immanu-EL is with Thee(24-7).

Monday, August 11, 2014


MY Children the forces of evil & darkness which envelops the whole Earth have come to a tipping point therefore I have to EXECUTE MY Righteous JUDGEMENT upon the whole Land which I MYSELF have established. I build it up and topple it down the spiritual darkness is so much worse than Sodom & Gomorra of ancient times. The establishment of MY RIGHTEOUS Rule upon the EARTH is necessary to eradicate evil.
WHOSE allegiance are you on? the 1 True LIVING GOD/C R E A T O R or satan the very enemy of your soul who used to be a high ranking angel in MY HEAVENLIES until his pride think that he can topple HIS CREATOR.
Make sure with ME seek ME YAHshua Redeemer/Savior to Humankind who I Created
IAM the sole C R E A T O R of Humankind. MY MIGTHY NAME is
Y A H U W A H(EL-ELYON Most Reverential GOD/CREATOR)
I have personally Revealed to this Daugther of mine last year Sept 19,2013 the beginning of that JUDGEMENT Tribulation as you knew in the BOOK OF REVELATION. Your unbelief will by no means delete MY RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT. You can always approach MY THRONE and INQUIRE directly to know the TRUTH for the Spirit of T R U T H is IN ME GOD alone.
MY 2nd coming is around the corner and those who follow ME closely knew the SEASONs we are now in for I REVEAL it for I do NOT want them caught unawares.
Those whose spiritual eyes cannot determine good for evil should also inquire of ME. For those whose spiritual eyes are veiled by the enemy of their own souls have it inverted thinking evil is good & good is evil. Those who have been interceding for their very loved ones & even enemies who I told them to LOVE THY ENEMIES & P R A Y FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU  will now harvest the spiritual seeds they are hoping for many years. Your sacrifices and long sufferings will now be rewarded good Faithful & Obedient servants of the MOST REVERENTIAL HIGH GOD YAHuwah EL-ELYON the Good Shepherd who gave out HIS life for the sheep of HIS Pasture.
As of this very hour mayhem of Earthly proportions is done by the forces of evil/darkness released in this World. I allow it so that those whose allegiance is of the devil will now  know how it is to be his agent when I retrieve MY Spiritual Bride out of this WORLD. I will let them taste & know how their Father the devil trully is. THEN by that time they can decide who is to them the best choice is. I do not  tamper the "Freewill Choice" of humankind. There are consequences for every actions you make either be it GOOD or evil.
My Official Timetable only I can determine and those who follow/Obey ME YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST and the Heavenly Father closely will know directly from ME their GOD/C R E A T O R any events that will Greatly affects everyone. I have MY Watchman on the Wall I called them
the Prophets who will release & have released  MY Directives all that I need the PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH to know at this present hour & Generation.
PREPARE YEA THE WAY OF THE LORD...I what I admonished since the Advent of MY EARTHLY Ministry through John the Baptist. I have many of them right now heralding MY JUDGEMENTS and 2nd Coming.
Sound the Spiritual Trumphets ...the KING IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!
MY MILLENIAL KINGDOM & Rule is about to transpire

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ancient Prophecies to life

This wars & rumors of wars as foretold in the Prophecies of ancient times before is at your door.
The Spirit working behind anything that is NOT of GOD is going to fall. The arms of man will have
NO MATCH to the ALL MIGTHY's POWER. I C R E A T E D the UNIVERSE by MY LIVING WORDs meaning build it up YET I can also topple it down with MY LIVING WORDs.

Those who do not adhere to what I PROPOSE will find themselves in the lose/lose scenarios.
I propose MY WAY which is HIGHER than humankind's way. I for see  these events you are facing NOW MY Creation way ahead of time meaning future that is the reason why I let MY Ancient times Prophets see the FUTURE w/c is today you are living it. Of course there are those who does stick in their heads in the sand & is afraid to know so they rather not take the things that is making them insecure & fearful.

 However I had IN ADVANCE put it out so that Humankind will have to consider them as time comes. UNbeleif  on your part will by no means that this coming Apocalypse will be set aside. It will GO THROUGH as planned as Prophesy. Whether you believe or not, prayed against it or not, again I do not put out things AHEAD OF TIME for nothing. I have foreseen these & have plans to TWART  the enemy's(yours & mine's) move. I for see with an Eagle's eyes WAY ABOVE
  compared to those who is on the ground their eye's field of vision is limited while mine encompasses all. I came with this REVELATION not to make you fearful but to make yourself ready for it. I the Holy Spirit is ever your FAITHFUL Companion. Do you know ME THY GOD My Children? IF you do then there is nothing to fear IF you closely follow ME THY Redeemer/Savior. This very LAST GENERATION
will experienced Heaven's coming down on Earth.
Your GOD/ C R E A T O R is your Protection. FAITH/TRUSTs in THY GOD will you experienced personally MY FAITH/Faithfulness. IAM no evil GOD MY THRONE OF JUSTICE is build on Righteousness/Justice/Integrity(My version not man's version for they are always OPPOSITE).
Get to know THY GOD personally yourselves IAM ALIVE(not dead as your enemy likes to propagate)Hear from ME that is IF you search with all your hearts I can be found. I will answer your inquiries at MY timing & the venues I will use is unlimited,so be excited joyful for I THY CREATOR is not allowing My Creation to put ME in the box of their imaginations& beleifs. MY NAME implies ALL MIGTHY & that is the TRUTH that will change the way you My Creation perceives a BIG MIGTHY GOD not what the enemy of your souls lies/deceptions that is not ME at all.
RISE UP MY Earthly Army that sheds no blood. Your Spiritual Weapons is Spiritual in Nature
Forgiveness/LOVE my version found in 1 Cor 13 checklist. I will supply the POWER to
Overcome as you ASK for MY HELP. With these in Mind do not let these things bog you down..COME TO ME & I will Unburdened your hearts from all negativity that had you sink low. I will REVIVE your hope for I have Spiritual Gifts I had for everyone IF you are fearful I will grant you Courage, if you are uncertain like walking in a fog state(Due to: lies/deceptions you believed) I will give you Clarity and way out of it. I have so many Spiritual Gifts available to anyone who will seek ME out .
IAm approachable no need an appointment for IAM the "Breathe of LIFE"
Your Constant Companion
Immanu-EL(GOD w/ you 24-7)P R A Y is the way we communicate