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Thursday, January 29, 2015

LOVE one another as I have Loved each one of you

My Children this is your Heavenly Father Speaking,
The hour at hand is almost Midnight. My Chosen and Anointed Messengers such as this one works
hand in hand with ME THY  GOD/CREATOR for many years. My Earthly Ministry with also My Chosen Original 12 Disciples have seen brighter & darker days, yet this LAST/FINAL Generation
is the darkest so far.
Those who knew the very Seasons they are in, have the idea they knew by knowing ME personally by hearing from ME directly and through daily reading of the Holy Scriptures. Just like in the days of  NOAH when Humankind have traversed beyond what I have placed as a safe guidelines for living and went overboard and beyond it's TIME TO CLEAN the Earth of the filthy sins people are wallowing in. I have My Messengers busy nowadays putting out LIVING WORDs which is not their own but from ME the Author. IAM the Great IAM is the Author so IF anything I put up that displeases you do NOT get it out on MY Prophetic Team and take it out on them as a scapegoat for you can not take it on ME THY GOD/CREATOR. Approach ME personally and discuss this thing in a peaceful manner. My Prophet Daisy have I called and chosen Myself NOT of mere man, have suffered with ME over the course of 12.5years. Yes,that long years and she's still with ME
and willingly submitting those sufferings/sacrifices which are a plenty, as a diadem on MY Crown.
She is just a part of many who served ME went through the same rough treatment during the course of centuries of human history. Just any normal individuals she wished of the days when most is amicable towards her, but since she enlisted in MY Spiritual Army that sheds no blood that totally changed. Persecutions is  the right word to term it. For I have suffered the same much worse for their Master went through the same I can sympathize with anybody.
With that in Mind  treat each other  with kindness/respect Love My Brand for did I not say truly they will know YOU ARE OF ME..WHEN YOU LOVE 1 another?
On the Cross Of Calvary

Sunday, January 18, 2015

URGENT..IAM at the door

My Children,
The caliphate of doom wants his mayhem played out at your nearest place. For those of you still busy
doing the same old same old and not focusing on MY COMING preparing yourselves, you do not want to be left behind to a WORLD full of chaos. Leave this World & it's enticements for did I not friending the World & serving ME do not mix. WE can't serve 2 masters. This friendly reminders will jolt each1of you to the harsh REALITY which is already in your vicinity.
Put ME THY GOD 1st in your Priority list, deny the self say "NO" to what it wants & remind the self
"It's no longer you that lives but CHRIST JESUS in you" Abiding in ME THYGOD is the safest choice one can make out of life. I am at the door & so with major upheavals planned by the enemy
 My Children wake up!!!
My Spiritual Watch man on the Wall are always reminding you out there the urgent Seasons you are in  so you won't be caught unawares. IAM forever thankful for My Spiritual arms, heart, legs of MY Faithful Servants who even in their busy lives, responsibilities for their families, still is serving ME.
I want you all to have the same opportunity to have a part in building up MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. Your help is so much welcomed by ME and even so those who for many years have not retreated even though some really needs your prayers to back them up even some time off to refreshed themselves. This daughter of mine never even have vacation in years putting ME(1st) as always.
I Love you all with MY LIFE,

Friday, December 19, 2014

NEW YEAR / NEW YOU (Better version of the last)

My Children as this year come to an end, a New Year & beginning to those who "Freewill Choose" ME THY GOD and MY HIGHER WAYs. Those however who rejects ME THY CREATOR and the blessings(not cursings of sins) that will come to those who take allegiance to the very enemy of their very souls. 
This coming year will accelerate more of the already spiritual darkness covering the Earth. It comes with it lawlessness/corruptions/destructions coming from the hand of the murderer from the very beginning. Do not allow any proliferations of his evil by saying "NO" to all temptations to do evil w/c thy very enemy is suggesting. In MY MIGTHY NAME (YAHshua LORD Jesus Christ) take MYAUTHORITY LUKE10:19. Put a stop to being accessory to his  evil dark influences/temptations by Asking for MY HELP anytime for
Immanu-EL(GOD w/you His Holy Spirit the "Breathe of your Lives" sustains you every living Creatures).Rejecting ME THY CREATOR, is truly Counter Productive Move on your part.
IAM the CREATOR of Humankind ..JEHOVAH ROHI the good Shepherd who gave up MY LIFE
for appropriation of your sins I paid your debt on the Cross. However, it requires that you acknowledge ME & be responsible (Repent /Confess of sins) for all evil deeds before this precious gift is extended for each1of you(not automatic). Did I make MY self clear?
As the Forces of Spiritual darkness advanced through the fog of indecision, ASK for Spiritual Discernments from MY HAND so all those fogs will LIFT UP and more clearing needed for each1of you will understand & SEE Spiritually the way I see  things/circumstances from MY DIVINE  Perspectives not your carnal/sinful lens. IAM YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY,
TRUTH/LIFE that  sets free (John 8:32)from all lies/deceptions/confusions/delusions satan your adversary
had put you in, the prideful heart of my disobedient/prodigal sons & daugthers.
 IAM your friend not enemy.
COME BACK to ME thy Savior/Redeemer Who even at your sinful state still LOVEs you.
It is this very LOVE that compels ME to give MY LIFE so we can be together forever.
I'll be waiting for not too long(time sensitive)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

As the WORLD turns in it's axis

My Children.. as Prophecies of ancient times written then will now manifest in due time now this present generation all will go through as prophesized by MY hand nothing can impede this for either one believes it or not,I do not have to get anybody's approval.
A part that most of you do not even wants to know MY SOVEREIGN part yet it is to your disadvantage. BALANCE is very much needed in MY House called by MY Name, unless you My Spiritual Body here on Earth had a balanced view of truly who IAM and not1sided alone it is just bowing  halfway through. I do not work that way. My Spiritual Body it is time to change your attitude to mine. I cannot use anyone for that matter when we avoid the hard part and gravitate toward the easy part that tickles the flesh. I needed to use people in My Army that sheds no blood & part of that personal training with ME the Holy Spirit is being transparent not playing games any longer.
Working with ME THYGOD.. Means: being able to Represents ME to the World at large with Courage not backing down when the forces of darkness is surrounding you and no one is there backing you up because the rest of MY Army is
cowering in the background not wanting to be inconvenienced most of all & be confrontational & end up unpopular with the masses who is edging through the wide road to destructions.
The Narrow Road is sometimes lonely as experienced by My Eagles in training such as this handmaiden of mine Daisy of My heart however, as she spends time with ME in the place of surrender to MY WILL & deny the self she finds out that human crutches is no match to DIVINE crutches as My Presence is enough to sustain.
 I will fill the voids in life that these human crutches is able. In fact being popular with the masses instead of ME THY GOD will make one more pleasing people more than ME your GOD. Putting ME(1st )make  this work easier & I don't have to be delegated in the background specially when an urgent work has to be done specifically on a time table by ME THYGOD. Only those who deny self(works of carnality)continually will be "emptied of flesh/self", so I can fill more of MY PRESENCE
from Glory to Glory Spiritual Maturity is what I aimed for MY Disciples..Discipline MY WAY which is HIGHER/BIGGER THAN human carnal ways. MY Children would you be willing enough to work with ME THY GOD this Transformational Process I requires of each1of you? 
For only those who wants to COME HIGHER with ME THY GOD will hit the mark..the rest it's up to you to decide  I do not force no one unlike the adversary of your soul need I say the name?
IAM waiting for those who are on MY side. Willing to go UP HIGHER with ME
LOVE You with MY LIFE,
Only Redeemer to Mankind

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My Children as this hour they called the LORD'S DAY comes the beginning of birth pangs is here.
More than ever I want you to connect with ME THY GOD IAM IMMANU-EL( GOD with you 24-7)
IAM & will always be your constant help and your very best of friend. Satan's influences to those whose allegiance is of him through sins un repented of, is to their detriment. He is a murderer/liar/stealer/accuser of the brethren from the very beginning. IF these very characteristics you see in yourselves honestly(w/out denials/rationalizations)an honest /transparent evaluations of the state of your souls then it is an impetus for you for your safety
 to seek ME LORD JESUS CHRIST /Redeemer and Savior of Humanity.
Specially those of MY own Spiritual House now divided. The division had ensued. I had called them
for years now to make it right with ME even at this very last hours but that flesh works of carnality of
sins are ever the hindering force that keep them separated from ME THY CREATOR who from the very beginning wants a loving/personal relationships with each one of you just like when I first planned with your 1st spiritual parents Adam & Eve.
 They are being distracted  by all types of activities that fill the voids in their lives thinking it will satisfy (temporarily as in band aid)
until you are addicted/ obsessed by it. That is spiritual bondage of sins. Do you believe anything through the belief /attitude systems that is a lie/deceptions of satan your unseen enemy & influenced you through the sins of carnality/flesh? Seek ME personally and be humble before ME seeking the TRUTH that SETS FREE.
Your very REACTIONs to this INVITATION is your very clue of  what standing you have "Freewill Chosen"(over the course of time) before ME THY GOD/CREATOR. Those who free will choose to be mine does that for they are ever following ME THY GOD ever happy to be in MY PRESENCE TRUSTING ME YAHshua above all. This Invitation that I had released for Humanity at large MY LOVING CREATION  is open for all for IAM NON Discriminatory GOD. Do not hesitate to approach ME personally, no matter how  lowly you think of yourselves I died for the sinners and the very basis of MY Earthly Ministry. My Apostle/Prophet Daisy have been typing My Message for years she can testify that most of this is MY WARNINGs/Invitations at times she is wary for the content of all MY MESSAGES is INVITATIONs the "As usual clause" just to show you how much I cared I never get tired and never give up on you . Please do the same for ME for I LOVE each one of you. For you are made special that is how I see MY beautiful creation.
I LOVE You with MY LIFE,

Monday, November 17, 2014


My Children I have instituted certain perimeters for living as a SAFEGURD not intended for you to
dabble on & re-writes that will suit your lifestyles. I have planned the best for you MY Creatures with you in mind. So going against MY safe perimeters is truly detrimental and I will suggest you keep My statues OBEY IT for your own good. IF the other hand you choose to deviate from that safety there is consequences to pay for every actions there is contra reactions as they say.
I feel for the man who in My Spiritual house is always being used as an example of sins consequences. For centuries his name is being coined to certain issues that has his name smeared.
I AM talking about King David by this time you knew already his biggest flub. He realized that his wrong decisions in life while still on Earth matters most. Although here in heaven his so called flubs
are repented of and not being mentioned however, here below the Earth his name is still maligned for
the wrong choices he made. As he admit he paid for it dearly in life. There's almost always troubles
in his family's life at that time, he wished he lived a perfect life yet we know only by abiding relationship with ME THY CREATOR one can attain peace not necessarily trouble free for the devil
that very serpent who tempt the first man Adam & partner Eve to deviate from that safe perimeter that now humanity have to pay the consequences of their wrong choices.
 I JESUS CHRIST the Redeemer/Savior restituted for that 1st flub of mankind and still is if humanity recognized MY PART
in salvaging mankind from slavery of sins. I have granted your "Freewill Choice" so make that important decisions in every opportunity you make in life. IAM here to make to make crooked place
straight as you connect with ME always IAM is your constant companion IMMANU-EL GOD with you the"Breathe of LIFE"
COMMENTARY:I have a Supernatural opportunity to talk with David yes the King of Israel the very1 mentioned here by the LORD JESUS. IF I can hear from the LORD Jesus the possibility of truly hearing from KD is amazing.
 I had to admit also my flub for having preconceive idea about him with
regards to wrong choices in life. I specially did not like his harem attitude which he admit he made a wrong choice that had negative consequences wished he could have done different. Michal his young love &1st wife are now in friendly terms and is best of friends that union was disaster before because of many hindering factors which is beyond their control.
 He even invite me to visit him when iam there.
My reaction: I am greatly honored to be able to have a chat with KING David and thank him for seeing his side of the story. He is transparent and humble to admit his mistakes. Who are we to confront others when we ourselves needs confrontations ourselves honestly with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. King David we will be working side by side in the SERVICE OF THE LORD I am honored to hear from you and meet you that time.
I Love You with MY LIFE,