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Monday, July 21, 2014


My Children the hour is late and even though Spiritual darkness have landed confusions/lies/deceptions/ doubts propagandas of satan is pretty evident those of MY OWN knew & can distinguished which is which. I WILL INCREASE MY Divine Discernments in the LAND & will pour out more OIL of My Anointing. The Divine Lamps of MY TRUE ANOINTED MESSENGERS will SHINE in the midst of Spiritual darkness. I will SUPERNATURALLY INTERVENE the 1 TRUE LIVING GOD (Y A H uWah/JEHOVAH is MY MIGTHY NAME & come in no other NAME)
 For MY NAME IS ABOVE ALL NAMES...ALL knees have to bow down most specially the unseen demonic dark forces WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES whose GOAL confuse/lies/deceives & doubts MY EXISTENCE & confuse everyone who really is the REAL 1 TRUE GOD & C R E A T O R. I WILL INTERVENE & have to make a way that will know the real from the Counterfeit. I said before you will know them by the FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
MY Beloved Children MY REMNANT who have the Character Reflections of MY SON YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST that is your SEAL that tells everyone who is MINE. Those who pretends will be seen for who they are impostors to the throne. I rebuke/Convicts/Warns/Corrects for your good & edification.
A good Parent will have to do out of GREAT LOVE to help out those whose heart is far from the SOURCE OF LIFE. Those whose pride is like that of MY once angel called Lucifer have this very lofty idea that he is above ME the C R E A T O R of  ALL is just that have an over inflated ego of themselves. MY TRUE REMNANT Children is humble/meek/simple minded just like ME their 1 TRUE GOD. They do NOT conspire/ganged up another Brother & Sisters who is their 1 body different parts. You don't say the hand is not part of your Spiritual Body on Earth. You are 1 in Spirit just like a husband & Wife they are 1 and part of a WHOLE(1/2+1/2+ equals whole pie). A COVENANT MARRIAGE is really that just like MY Covenant Marriage to MY BRIDE the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST on the EARTH which I formed with MY LIVING WORDS. That is how I will dismantle/destroy my enemies which is also your enemies(NOT Friend).
I will conclude this Anointed Message with those whose hopes/faith have plummeted down DUE TO: Continous attacks of the enemy. SEEK ME PERSONALLY. SPEND MORE TIME w/ME THY GOD/CREATOR more than anything else I will Refreshed/Resurrect/Grant you HOPE/FAITH to you again MY Remnant Church RISE UP  RISE UP I SAID.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


My 2nd coming heralds a new day dawning. To those who have been with ME all those years through thick & thin & yes I admit majority of it is mostly through thin. However where there is tribulations there is also MY PRESENCE just like what happened to Shadrach/Meshach & Abednego(
 found in the BOOK OF DANIEL Chapters 1-3.They were in the fire yet the 4th Presence is MY Presence  IAM the GOD who Protect them & save them from death defying situation. I still do this  MIRACLE as I have showed My daughter Daisy on 1 of the news item 2 years ago. Desperate times needs desperate measures on MY part. The GREAT"IAM" is still on the THRONE in HEAVEN working non stop not even sleeping to work that MIRACLES for MY CHILDREN.

Do you however put yourselves in line for these MIRACLES My Children?

IAM the "GREAT IAM" is a Righteous GOD & MY recipients should be in this line for MY MIRACLES to work. IAM aware too that people out of that line of Protection needs MY SAVING GRACE according to MY HOLY WILL I do that to OPEN spiritual door for them to get to know ME
the 1TRUE LIVING GOD of Israel & Humankind.

With the increase of Lawlessness in the LAND more & more people are seeking ME for HELP & RELEIF. IAM IMMANU- E L(GOD with you 24-7) Call on MY NAME YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST Redeemer/Savior the unblemished lamb who gave HIS LIFE for Salvation of Mankind.
Get to know ME UPclose & personal & I will reveal Myself to anyone who seeks ME THY GOD/C R E A T O R.

I had delegated & anointed some of MY Children to DELIVER MESSAGES from ME THY GOD to Humankind at this very last hour & this very END TIME GENERATION. I never stop talking & will still talk till the LAST HOUR. Those who follow ME closely & had established rapport & made ME their closest allies will truly know IAM A GOOD GOD(as opposed to the enemy of your souls who thwart the truth around).
My daughter Daisy is one of them who worked hard for 12.5 years to reach people to ME. She had
survived with MY help all the hindering works of the enemy just to give you MY Message for those number of years.
Most of My Chosen Anointed Messengers have been through the same sacrifices/sufferings their
Good Sheep have been through Himself but I got most of the brunt of it. I will not allow any longer
MY SPIRITUAL BRIDES to suffer at the hands of MY enemies. Please support those who have been MY HANDS & HEART & not to ignore them for they have supported you MY Children for years
acknowledge them. LEARN TO RESPECT/HONOR MY Chosen and in return have done the same to ME.

EL-ELYON(Most Reverential HIGH GOD)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Prophecy of MY Gifts of RECONCILIATION

My Children this Generation have I been more open for MY MILLENIAL KINGDOM is coming.
I have trumpeted these for quite sometime now from different Anointed Messengers. Very few however take this to heart thinking they have lots of time to prepare for MY 2nd coming. I want you not caught unaware MY Beloved Children. They say regrets come later when you knew you have
not taken advantage of time I have given you all. My heart is saddened from those whose cold stance
is unwavering. IAM about to change that..MY MIGTHY HAND will reach out to those whose lives
are harboring through the Spiritual clift so to speak.
 I said I WILL MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY specially those who have believed this TRUTH that SETS FREE.
 I will now answer your prayers it has reached the far corners of MY HEART your FAITH that still hangs on despite the number of years you have waited you still have H O P E in your hidden heart for MY MIGTHY MOVE. IAM now answering them for in that time of waiting patiently for that TRUTH to take place in your lives you have never surrendered to defeat no matter what you see MY Children in the natural w/c could have been to some have been a source of end to their hope.
I will now gift you for all those years of unwavering F A I T H for it is time for rewarding your efforts to take hold of the Spiritual Gifts available to you. IAM not a parent who does not recognize your efforts to connect with ME through your  F A I T H in what I stand for and for who IAM Jehovah ROHI the GOOD SHEPHERD who gave HIS own LIFE so you can also partake of it.
now have known MY FAITHFULLNESS even while most of you are in training of the same. To those who have
received so much Mercy/Compassion/Forgiveness in the MIGTHY HAND of thy Good Shepherd
which you also extend to anyone who have erred against you I will GRANT YOU the Gift of AUTHORITY(LUKE 10:19)You earned that over the years.
However, there are some of MY Spiritual Gifts that are Unmerited by works(GRACE OF GOD) just only because of MY GOODNESS towards you. The Gift of Reconciliation to anyone specially those of your once remembered enemy for did I not say even those enemies will be your friend? Those who have clean hearts & hands will now ascend to MY HOLY HILL your Glory will be like my Glory shining lik
e the SUN/SON. Being MY own Character reflections is the SEAL that will everyone know you are truly MINE Children.
I Love each one of you I extend over that LOVE through the Spiritual Gift of RECONCILIATION.
Let ME hear from you MY Sons & Daugthers of
the Most High GOD(EL- ELYON)Yahweh EL-Shaddai

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A clear Message against Korah's Rebellion

My Children the TRUE TEST of a Prophet is their inward hearts that I AM molding to be in MY IMAGE. I said the flesh or any works of carnality is enmity with ME. As the people really does not know the heart of anyone who they can keep hidden even from themselves I & only I the "Breathe of LIFE" KNEW ALL SEES ALL". IF anyone says they are of mine yet their very actions defy what I stands for that is not of ME should we be part of their conspiracies to trample another member of MY HOUSE?
Did I not told you that you will know them by their fruit? The fruits of the Holy Spirit is to build up each other not tear them down for you are 1 BODY DIFFERENT PARTS. I will however air MY OPINION on situations & will use any  voice I have chosen that time to send out MY MESSAGE. If any in MY MESSAGEs that directly rebuke another's work MY INTENT is to let you the perpetrator of these conspiracies to let them know what they do is not acceptable to ME THY GOD. Do not attribute the message given to be of the typist. IF it is directly MY VOICE it is coming from ME. However some of the voice I used today can gather a following that when they err hidden inside their hearts which I knew & the people who follows them do not know & they are influenced by this person who got offended by MY rebuke & thus attributes it to the one I gave MY Message to it is INjustice & is sin in MY Divine Justice.
 I KNEW ALL SEES ALL ONLY I knew the whole picture as to the members of the Korah's rebellion does get into w/out this very knowledge. I had warned this for years from different anointed Messengers not to trust anyone but TRUST ONLY ME. I will tell you personally the whole Truth to any situations. Get the inside info from ME THY GOD before jumping into conclusion about another
voice IAM using. Any competition/jealousy/envy/ rivalry coupled with offenses/grudges/resentments/anger is WORKS OF THE FLESH aka carnality is the venue of the enemy of your souls & is an open door to attack you My Children.
Remember the GOLDEN RULE: Do NOT do unto others what you do not want others done to you.
 Good begets good & evil begets evil. In Korah's Rebellion those who insinuate or lead this evil cycle the punishments due the leader of insurrection will also be the same punishment  to those who blindly follows the blind leader.  They will have to learn the hard way. The devil is very cunning indeed to twart everything to his advantage & to those who dabble in this iniquities make this a hard lessons to learn.
IF you can reach out to those you have hurt the reputations of I will help out in giving you the courage to ASK for Forgiveness due to those you have hurt. I already let your victims knew personally ahead of time the whole picture so they will not get affected by the schemes of the devil & will gladly leave the vindication from ME THY GOD. Those who agree with ME THY GOD will I give the GIFT of AUTHORITY for releasing MERCY to those who did not deserved it YET through MY GRACE(Unmerited favor) they (victims of Korah's rebellion)share the same Character IAM..merciful & compassionate for they themselves are recipient of these gifts.
MY RIGHTEOUS VINDICATION works always so to those who are victims of the enemy of your souls through the hands of those who you think knew better there is a way out for you to handle this MY WAY. To all those who conspire to do iniquities may this serve as a hard lessons in life. Nothing secret will not be uncovered by MY MIGHTY HAND.
The "Breathe of LIFE" IMMANU-EL
GOD with you (24-7)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

GOD'S Righteous JUDGEMENT is upon the EARTH

MY Children MY heart is truly saddened by increased of wickedness upon your Earth which I established since the very beginning of time. These last generation most likely the worst case scenarios ever in the History of Mankind. The demonic forces from the pit of Hell has a heyday in their quest to steal, kill & destroy the inhabitants through the venues of sins they have not confessed & repented of before their 1 TRUE LIVING C R E A T O R (GOD of Isaac,Jacob & Abraham).
IAM the "GREAT IAM" is still on MY THRONE IN HEAVEN witnessing the atrocities of Mankind worst in all previous Generation before. IAM therefore as the 1 TRUE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE of ALL have to step in to CLEAN UP THE EARTH & it's wickedness abounds. Just like in the days of Noah the purging that the Earth will go through is pure hell for the inhabitants of hell will be as sands they will usher in and do their job kill & destroy those who do NOT have an allegiance to the 1 Righteous Judge of ALL. Through their "freewill choice" NOT of MY making will they harvest the same from their evil deeds. GOLDEN RULE they do not adhere to.

Respecting other people's lives. Murdering innocent youths so they will have their evil ways is always Unacceptable behavior to ME their C R E A T O R. There is always negative CONSEQUENCES for every evil deeds which most people of the Earth is now deluded by the lies & deceptions of the evil 1 who influenced them to these heinous acts upon the Land. Innocent Blood spills down and they think what they did is Righteous in the C R E A T O R'S sight. Many a heart is broken as a result of your murders upon the youths/child/the innocent martyred because the darkened hearts of man is full of demons which influenced them to kill /murder
other human beings. They do not realized the sacredness of life which I gave out. The Unseen demon forces is laughing at you & the only way to get back at the CREATOR to caused  so much anguish.
THEREFORE: as the Righteous JUDGE of the Earth IAM handing down JUDGEMENT on the people's of the EARTH written in the BOOK OF R E V E L A T I O N. I have WARNED/WARNED/WARNED for years & years NOW & today is the very Fulfillment of those PROPHECIES.
IAM still calling however the REMNANT to STAND IN THE GAP for ME Y A H W E H the only 1 TRUE LIVING GOD to intervene in PRAYERS for those lost souls as MY Holy Spirit directs each 1 of you. IAM leaving those who have chosen to do the very OPPOSITE of what I stand for  IAM the 1 True Righteous JUDGE.  The Great Tribulation is NOW upon you PEOPLE OF THE E A R T H but those of MY own will be with ME in a safe place in Heaven where they will not be affected by what will happen here on Earth.

Friday, July 4, 2014


MY BELOVEDS as this Country CELEBRATES this day that your forefathers gave their lives for REMEMBER their Sacrifices before you MY PEOPLE of NORTH AMERICA whom I BLESSSED ALL those years and have to undergo drastic CHANGES to be able to be CLEANSED of filth spiritual darkness you allow in your once blessed land.

 IF not for the REMNANT who are raising in PRAYERS for your behalfs the chastisements could have been more devastating. This Country I have CHOSEN in Infancy have now declined DUE TO SINS UNrepented of. Your Freedoms and Independence are AT STAKES for WRONG Choices you are making LAWS which is against the very FOUNDATIONS of your CONSTITUTION that your ForeFathers has written under MY INSPIRATION. Those of you who are AGAINST THE GOD of Isaac/Jacob/Abraham is the prime suspects in making your Country revert to that once blessings you PEOPLE of NORTH AMERICA have enjoyed over the years that other goat Countries are very envious of.

NOW they are
thinking of overcoming you MY once called MY OWN the bear and dragon Countries are after you What are you going to do now..MY WILL  for you IS to COME BACK TO ME and REPENT that is..Individually and as a COUNTRY. I have FORE WARNED for many years through MY Anointed Messengers including this anointed handmaiden of mine  MY TRUTH is in her for MY RUACH HOLY Spirit is what INSPIRE her and have Courage to Re- Release (today) 7/4th 2014 for your FREEDOM DAY which people you have chosen is the very ones forfeiting that once precious FREEDOM you STANDS FOR AS NATION. NOW MY question is...WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO KNOWING THE TRUTH THAT SETS FREE
JEHOVAH ROHI(The good Shepherd who gave my LIFE so you can have an abundant life) is MY MIGTHY NAME

Saturday, June 28, 2014


MY CHILDREN..MY sleeping Church..I AM coming very soon to get MY authentic Children OUT of the harms way. SEEK ME PERSONALLY more than ever before. Those of you who are being DIS- Destructed by the enemy I will Deliver you out of it & from it all as you personally SURRENDER ALL to ME (Authentic GOD not cheap copycat need to know yourselves who is truly the REAL TRUE GOD).
As the precious time tics tic tic to MIDNIGHT hour IAM HERE IMMANU-EL(GOD with you 24-7)to console you, give you HOPE in a hopeless World which can only be found in your Authentic GOD/C R E A T O R(MY MIGTHY NAME IS..Yahweh/YAHuwah(Heavenly Father) YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST... I come in NO OTHER NAME(except those I mentioned through MY Authentic Anointed Messengers such as MY Daisy/Theysee YAH).
KNOWING ME THY GOD A L I V E & Experiencing ME personally is what you need to focus on not following people. MY Authentic Messengers do NOT focus on self or to promote the self to make them look good in front of others. The whitewash tomb which I said to those Pharisees/Sad u see in ancient times applies TODAY  even to those of MY own in the Church named after ME. I should be the forefront for did I not say...
Die to self life or "selfie" which the devil is promulgating the very OPPOSITE(antecedent) of what I requires of you. The works of the flesh(old carnal human nature which is NOT of GOD) is enmity with THY GOD YAHuwah and is the open door for the unseen enemy to attack you MY Children.
 I have reiterated these over the years from different Messengers. You do NOT function alone or to each it's own. Be careful who you reject for once I was rejected but was the Chief Cornerstone( I have told Daisy these in the beginning about her year 2004 which she did not understand that time but now she does) so is with MY Daisy who suffered the same from the very House of Faith she has Faith to help her out yet I told you once/twice TRUST ONLY ME & through ME. I will tell you who to TRUST for I knew the hidden heart & motives of men I WILL EXPOSE IT ALL & they have the "freewill choice" to OBEY ME or their selfish selves.MY HOLY SPIRIT the "Breathe of LIFE" is with each 1 of you who sustains you in these life IMMAMNU-EL(GOD with you 24-7)I KNEW ALL...SEES ALL NO 1 CAN HIDE FROM GOD. MY Omnipresence is everywhere. So ever so kindly QUIT PLAYING GAMES W/ME THY GOD for it is always "Counterproductive move on your part" wasting your precious time & energy. Always remember that so next time you do NOT choose the old carnal man I died on the Cross & paid dearly for your Spiritual Freedom do not look back any longer from your old nature sinful ways. The New man in CHRIST JESUS is your new identity walk in it today. ASK ME for help anytime to empower you to OVERCOME. With that in mind MY Children prepare for my coming with ME.
Redeemer/Savior  to the World
SUBMIT to ME THY GOD/C R E A T O R completely you will not regret that decision to FOLLOW ME WHOLE HEARTEDLY..