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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sacrifice on the Cross

As this Good Fri comes My Children remind yourselves of MY Love. I shed My precious REDEEMING BLOOD for humankind. Those who believed in ME & Obeyed Me fully
will received the benefits of all these sacrificial Love I showed for you to gain your Love.
It states in My Holy Book with all the stripes I received that you deserved as sinners ...
YOU ARE HEALED(Delivered/Healed & Restored)
"There is NO GREATER LOVE than that"
John 3:16
To those who have ventured out of safe place with ME IAM CALLING YOU BACK
My Prodigal sons & daugthers
IAM COMING BACK very soon for the Earth is groaning for it to be cleaned of all
demonic beings unseen yet felt by those whose spiritual eyes are seeing. Those however
that have eyes yet do not see & ears yet do not hear. The gates of Heaven is open this good Friday
reminding you that My death on the Cross
Thy Savior/Redeemer had shed that precious Redeeming
Blood for you..COME BACK Repent of that sins that separates you from ME Thy GOD.
It is the only way & spiritual door that allows you to destroy the demons that had been influencing you My Children to react negatively to ME THY GOD & the Messengers I sent forth for your edifications. I said Pride is the very sins that Lucifer once hold a lofty position in Heaven have
thrown down due to his sins. For IF I have done that to those who are here in Heaven much more those of you on Earth. NOW is that time to detour back to the right road to that "narrow road" for
great & broad is the road to destructions I said in My Holy Book.
I have suffered tremendously & paid a great price to release you from what have held you back
in Spiritual Bondage to sins. Acknowledge ME
Thy Savior/Redeemer YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST
Seek ME now personally on your own & I will listen & give you My Graces earned on the Cross of Calvary. This is MY LAST CALL before I close the Spiritual ark door.
I will cleanse the Earth of all defilements of sins just like I originally did during Noah's time.
I have declared this Messages for years now & with as much sorrow I now trumphet to you
the Humankind I  CREATED for My pleasure. I have Prophesized 2 thousand plus years ago through My Prophet JOHN in the last  of the NEW TESTAMENT Book called REVELATION
the very END TIME SCENARIOS which most of you do not like to look yet IAM admonishing each 1 of you today. MY coming is very soon to take with ME My Brides and to those left behind it
will NOT be a place of calm & peace for IF you take ME out of the equation THEN you will
have to know 1st hand how it is without My very Presence.
 Choose ME & you'll be safe in My arms yet those who like to
stay behind..I had  WARNed over the years
This is the culmination of all those years.
Hoping to hear from you back
Remember Me this GOOD FRIDAY
Symbolically of what I have done..I said.."IT IS FINISHED"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MY Passover

My Children before I was to be the Passover lamb for mankind to REDEEM them from sins
I had My last Passover with MY Disciples on Earth that time. They do not know fully then what will happen to ME & what it signifies for all Mankind. That Passover IAM was to be the unblemished lamb to be offered signifying the last animal offering in the temple. MY REDEEMING BLOOD
covers those who believes in ME & have personal relationship with ME their Savior/Redeemer.
It was a LOVE sacrifice I suffered tremendously to gain your LOVE MY People.
This also signifies the Spiritual/Physical Freedoms that MY Redeeming Blood on the Cross has to offer those who have Trust/Faith in their Redeemer/Savior. It says in the Holy Scriptures that
with the shredding of My precious REDEEMING BLOOD on the CROSS or stripes I endured
you MY Children are HEALED/Delivered/Set Free of Spiritual Bondages brought on sins
as you enter with ME in Submission/Repentance/Confessions agreeing with ME(not rebelling or thwarting My Words) it is total cleansing from all defilements of the flesh. This PROCESS
called Sanctification on a 1:1 basis with ME your Savior/Redeemer is very necessary to procure
a unblemished Bride I want you to be. Those of you who have GONE THROUGH this Spiritual process knew that but those who refuse/rejects ME continually have put themselves in situations that
will make them unworthy to enter My Spiritual ark. Those who have Pride issues have to humble yourselves BEFORE ME THY GOD/C R E A T O R Seek Me personally & let US settle this once & for all. I seek those who have RUN AWAY INSTEAD OF
RUNNING TO ME in their times of trials of Life like being in the furnace of afflictions. AFTER the dross aka impurities of sins is removed from you then the gold refinements is over.
I PAID a dear Price which is My own life MY REDEEMING BLOOD that cleanse all defilements of sins. COME to ME YAHshua LORD JESUS CHRIST IAM WAITING for you to
COME...COME IAm IMMAMU-E L(GOD with you)the Holy Spirit that gave you the "Breathe of LIFE"IAM THY Sustainer w/out ME LIFE is not there.
I continually call on MY People for years now through MY CHOSEN(not man)Messengers the 1 you have rejected just like ME rejected of man but now the Chief Cornerstone. Be careful of who you rejects MY People who is not My People.
for your edifications for w/out MY Anointed Messengers how will you My People KNOW WHAT'S IN MY HEART that particular time period. I NEVER STOP TALKING you who have believed that lie should prostrate on your knees before ME & make it right.
Passover ..easter to some of you YET I call it MY MOEDIM My Appointed feast the only legit in MY Spiritual eyes not manmade pagan feast. With that in mind..sup with ME this PASSOVER
SEEK ME & I will be there for you!
Your Redeemer/Savior

Monday, April 14, 2014


My Glorious Homecoming is upon MY Children who have prepared themselves with My help
for IAM the "GREAT IAM" is their JEHOVAH ROHI(the Good Shepherd who gave out
HIS LIFE for the sheep)
As you Commemorate the PASSOVER IAM that lamb
who took away the sins of the WORLD.
Out of MY Great LOVE(John 3:16)& Compassions which I want you to have also for others who is Spiritually perishing. My lambs who followed ME around & who knew MY HEART/MINDs
I also wants you each 1 of you to REFLECT MY very CHARACTER. This is the way others
know you are mine when you LOVE EACH OTHER for I have LOVED you to the point
I gave MY own life for REDEMPTION OF MANKIND from their sins to pay for it.
IAM that Passover lamb who took away the sins of the W O R L D. ALL have access to that
so any race who come to ME have the same right to that SALVATION wrought on the Cross of Calvary. Those of you who looked down on others for you think only the special ones have
access to ME think again what you are doing.  Do you reflect the same attitude & character
that I have? Did I not say in the Holy Scriptures you will know them by the Fruits they produce in their lives? And that not everyone who tells ME LORD LORD shall enter the Gates of Heaven?
My Children it is time for each 1 of you to inspects the Fruits that you have. Have you been choosing ME & MY WAYS. For I have given "Freewill Choices" to each 1 of you you have that freedom.
I do NOT put people to hell they choose it.
With that in mind I would like to announce to you all
I know this will illicit fear/dread for most of you those whose hearts is not entwine with mine.
And will cause so much panic that they will stop whomever I will use to announce this very
IAM waiting for you whatever state you are in right now for this Messenger IAM using for 12 years now I have used to INVITE EVERYONE IN even in these very late hour.
have sent out INVITATIONS for quite a long time now YET even in MY own people
they have rejected ME so the invitation they do not even touch it. So NOW IAM INVITING those in the streets, lame, homeless, rejected by Community at large those who IAM using these
LAST DAYS came from that very humble beginnings & I gave them a NEW ROBE/NEW NAME
NEW LIFE in ME yet those who do NOT remember once they came from BEFORE
THEY MET ME & is haughty/proud for I have REVEALED too much to them & that
made them  think
they are above the  rest.. IAM sorry you have diverted to the wrong road.
The table is all set the only thing missing is those whom I have INVITED for years NOW
Make up your decisions those of you in the Valley of decisions
The BRIDEGROOM is about to get HIS BRIDE
YAHshua the Bridegroom

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The ACCUSER of the Brethen

My Children the Spirits of those who continually accuse their Bothers & Sisters in FAITH is the very Characteristics of the very enemy of their souls. When did I allow 2 JUDGES is it not IAM the GREAT IAM IS THE only RIGHTEOUSS JUDGE ALL(no 1 else).
never EVER USURP the JUDGEMENT that is
 OF ALL mankind has.
IAM the SOVEREIGN GOD OF ALL the C R E A T O R OF THE UNIVERSE & everything in it.
 So IF any of you in the Spirit of the accuser accused anyone does that make it LEGAL in MY SIGHT? NO because ISAID..ONLY I the "GREAT IAM" can PASS JUDGEMENT on anyone alone. I have said this over & over & over for many years NOW from MY Legitimate MESSENGERS whom I have anointed Myself to pass
this INFO to the Public At Large. UNLESS I said you surpass the Righteousness of the Pharisees do NOT point your fingers to anyone WITHOUT CONSULTING OR HEARING from ME YAHUWAH directly. MY sheep hear My voice I said in the Holy Scriptures. IF what you hear
is accusations for others be on guard it's NOT COMING from YAHuwah and whoever does this despicable thing will have to ANSWER BEFORE ME YAHUWAH the GREAT IAM.
The ACCUSER of the Brethen Spirits that comes from MY enemy is BEHIND THE SCENES
that causes those whose heart is NOT right with ME. Come to ME THY GOD & C R E A T O R seek
 ME personally so I can correct anything that is NOT supposed to be there. I can NOT allow any more of these for it has been going on for too long it got to stop.
I said LOVE 1 another as I HAVE LOVED You so everyone knows you are mine.
I will continually EXPOSE' those whose heart does not align with mine  so that they can come to
ME for correction/conviction/deliverance/healings & restorations. I want you all to be SET FREE.
Your only 1 True RIGHTEOUS JUDGE

Friday, April 11, 2014

My remnant the elect the 144,000

My Spiritual Bride will I bring with ME to shield her from the Tribulations that have fallen on Earth.
However she will help ME Minister back to Earth to the people left behind. Those of you I have chosen right at the start of our relationship I do NOT change IAM still the same yesterday, today & tomorrow. Do NOT doubt your calling for I said RUN & hurdle the course  for I will be there for you even if the time is so short for IAM Father time.
 I need to see you all fully submitting to ME denying the self carry your Cross & follow ME
Those of you in My Roster who failed to learn your lessons fast & knew personally how this
chastisements you have found yourselves in, is a Warning My Rod & Staff to put you
in line My Soldiers of the Cross that have hindered youself greatly to be found worthy
Those of you whose spiritual eyes are dimmed for a while for you have focused on self & cares of this World more than focusing foremost on ME.
RISE UP change your course RUN THE RACE
 to the finish line I will be there your Good Shepherd(Jehovah Rohi)
My Rod & Staff will comfort and anoint you to the 2ndleg of this Journey with ME.
I did not totally disqualify you chose that when you falter in your steps. Did I not say
I will straighten out the path before you IF you do not falter. RISE UP & RUN THE RACE
WE have got to the point where no self is left that is the only time I can fill each 1 of you to the full
with MY HOLY SPIRIT the oil in your spiritual lamps. WE are in these together
My Bride your Bridegroom ever cares for you yet only those worthy will be given that ring
that says you belong to ME. Do not allow the hindering forces of the enemy to stop each 1 of you.
The HEAVENS AWAIT for your coming they have prepared in advance
the table is ready for you & your Family.
My Glorious Reflections is what you will wear the ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSSNESS
MY version alone. The training is tough but it's well worth it in the very end.
Do not miss the wonderful grand reunion of all time.
BRIDEGROOM of the Bride
KING of Glory

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Warning System

The Spiritual War has escalated to the point where we cannot share our Christian Faith w/out being
oppressed or harassed by others even in the so called Church named after ME. The Spiritual Division is such to the extent that even in the House Divided such as My House.. conspiracy is rampant. They
think I knew not the BEHIND THE SCENES of anything. Just in case you forgot
IAM Omnipresence I SEE ALL HEAR ALL so the notion that it is a secret is not really to ME.
 A clean heart before ME do not hide in fear which some of you like to do yet IAM extending my hand to reach out to those who needs comforting for the enemy of your souls will do anything to incapacitate you My Children with lies/deceptions/& fear, anxiety , dread of all sorts. Come to ME
 I do not want you all to hide in your caves & be incapacitated by Spiritual Strongholds.
I paid a great price for your Spiritual Freedom from the very enemy of your souls. Without you My children agreeing with ME I cannot do what I want for you. Your complete submission
guarantees that however. It is time to confront issues we like to avoid for the MY Spiritual Ark is about to close before I come for My Bride. I said...I only want an UNblemised BRIDE only
those who submit to
 MY WAYS WHICH IS Higher & BIGGER THAN your Ways. I will I get My Bride
to shield her from the Tribulations that has already landed on Planet Earth.
After the Great cleansing and Purging is over
this Earth will never be the same. It will be a BETTER VERSION of the Original according to MY Divine PLAN & Will which I admonished you My People even those not My people reach out to ME while there is still very little time left. I will be waiting for those whose heart is bent towards ME.
I will not allow MY Dearest Bride to suffer any longer she had suffered long enough.
With that in Mind remember MY MERCY is new every morning
 or My Name is not Jehovah Rohi the Good Shepherd who gave His life for His Sheep.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


As My coming draw very close those who seek ME earnestly will hear from ME the Heavenly Father for I knew alone the dates/the very Spiritual seasons. Those who seek ME /Inquire of ME will definitely hear personally from ME for did I not tell those who knocks I will open the door?
However those who haugthily thinks they knew so much better than ME DUE TO:pride issues which they did not ask of ME to remove from them will have a hard time believing all that I will personally
REVEAL to My Messengers. They have paid the price as I have done Myself. Sacrifices/Sufferings
are part of Serving ME. Do you My Disciples on Earth willing to do the same?
Any ambiguity of the heart can be settled when you knew My heart & Mind the same as IAM.
The seal that people will know you are mine is the very reflections of My very Character. It is not
a seal that you can see in the natural but supernaturally. The individual allows ME the Sanctifier to
cleanse them of all the works of carnality which is the very door where satan your adversary can attack you My Children so it's very important when tempted to ASK for MY HELP to overcome it
for you. IAM is the power behind it.
Your Personal Relationship each one of you with 1 TRUE LIVING
Is necessary for IAM the CHURCH itself & you are My Temple
the Holy Spirit that gave you the "Breathe of Life" is there
with each 1 of you(24-7) IAM available
Your 1 True Friend that you can count on & trust upon. No 1 in these Earth you can find anyone who
truly Love You Unconditionally than ME THY CREATOR no 1 knew you intimately whose
goal is to for you to get to know me as IAM A PERSONAL CARING/LOVING GOD.
Do NOT be DIS-tracted any longer for things that is temporary. Did I not tell that those things
you hold dear will amount to nothing ONLY those that benefits you in your Journey
Heavenward which is Unseen is eternal. This coming Seasons that will usher in is not easy
YET for those whose focus is only on ME the choppy Journey will be not that much
for did I not say"In these World there is tribulations YET those who truly belongs to ME
I have Overcome it for you"
With that in mind these coming Spiritual Seasons ushering in the TRIBULATIONS that I have revealed to John in the Book of Prophecies coming in the
GET yourselves Ready by MY MIGTHY HAND that contains the very POWER that CREATED THE UNIVERSE!
Yahweh EL Shaddai