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Monday, September 15, 2014

Accuser of the Brethen

My Children those who accuse unrighteouslly the Brethen  the same Spirit who does the same out of Spirit of pride,& Korah's Rebellion will receive the consequences thereof including those who happens to agree & part of this rebellious group. I had warn warn over the years not to compromise just because you want to be liked be included in your inclusive group thinking you made it to the top...yet did I not say Pride comes before the fall? It is also likened to those who say PEACE PEACE then  sudden destructions come.
 I the "Breathe of LIFE" the HOLY SPIRIT knew all sees all. Nothing hidden shall not be uncovered for no one can hide from GOD I knew before one even planed in advance their evil deeds. I do not want you deceived & living on lies you have believed from the Father of all lies in fact I have made a way out of anything as you humble /confess/& ask forgiveness as restitutions from those
you have wronged in your lives. IAM merciful and will take MY prodigal Children as they see this is important for  ME THY GOD for IAM HOLY & RIGHTEOUS GOD/C R E A T O R.
When I called this daughter of mine for Service 13 years ago & told her that she will be called a New name by ME THY GOD meaning MY TRUTH is in you. IF she knew the whole scope of what that means she will probably not accept the assignment given her for it requires a lot of sufferings/sacrifices on her part. MY Disciples have gone through those too so those legitimate Disciples of  mine all have to go this route however I promised MY PRESENCE to you all that is mine.I ask of you to bear the Spiritual Cross for it is 1part of saving lives for JESUS for MY SAKE
OUT OF your LOVE for ME THY GOD.I will vindicate for you MYSELF there could never be the best avenger of all than ME.
The Song "Greater is My Love than the weight of all your sins " w/c I co-wrote that time shows how big & wide as the ocean is MY LOVE for each 1 of you John (3:16). Don't hesitate to COME BACK TO ME
Yours forever more 
Redeemer/Savior to humanity

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's hindering MY Children

This is 1 Confrontations you MY Children don't want to face. However doing these can actually deter
you MY Children from growing Spiritually. The more you are honest/upfront with ME THY GOD
the easier your walk to Spiritual Maturity. The more humble/meek & contrite heart a person is the easier for them to walk humbly before ME THY GOD for I MYSELF C R E A T O R Of ALL is the very  same therefore you who walk humbly before ME and others have MY CHARACTER REFLECTIONS who shows off  MY GLORY in them.

 The others who does not, usually it's pride issues who look upon others with disdain thinking they are better off than others & is the very source or root causes of these works of the flesh which is NOT OF ME THY GOD. Even those of the vessels I used today have to go through this process of Sanctification/Purifications at MY very hand. This broken vessel that I used now has been to this & one time has to take Time Out for she was convicted of the very words I want her to write for ME THY GOD.
So every time she felt rejected/discriminated/persecuted by others it's not really her but the spirits not of mine in another that does this it's actually ME THY GOD this spirits are against. The very person who have this  Anti-Christ spirit that is the culprit so to speak. She is one of my broken/humble servants who does not any longer take offense at the antics of others for she knew way pass the tactics of the enemy of your souls. She does not fall for that no longer & have the spiritual freedom she crave by asking ME THY GOD for help each time tempted to vindicate herself. This Spiritual Freedom will save you from the repercussions of getting offended/grudge at others for I will erase/heal all traumas/ pains/remembrances associated with all the enemy's hindering forces.
All I want is for each 1of you MY Children be Delivered/Healed/Restored for I paid dearly on the CROSS OF CALVARY so the Freedom it brings to your lives. SEEK ME Personally for these yourselves IAM  IMMANU- EL(GOD w/Thee). This Broken/humble vessel that I used now for many years I used to be My very Front runner the works she did for ME THY GOD is all about confrontations likened to JOHN the Baptist My Frontrunner including Elijah's mantle who confronts evil. They maybe unpopular for the hard task I gave them(there is no taker for the job is hard) yet they are MY Chief cornerstone just like their  MASTER who have GONE THROUGH the same sufferings/rejections/mocking/prejudice/slander/gossip/accusations that are not true for if they are called MY DISCIPLEs they will have experienced these atrocities themselves. But I will repay you back with Blessings for you indeed are MY True Disciples. Those of you in the furnace of afflictions REJOICE for did I not say..Bless &Pray for those who persecutes & rejects you  will receive the Blessings I share for those sufferings for MY NAME'S Sakes.
I come before you as a friend not a Servant...IAM the ALL MIGTHY GOD yet IAM humble & contrite in Spirit. Anyone who have MY CHARACTER REFLECTIONs have the SEAL of GOD in them. How do you know if a person is mine? THEY LOVE each other.
Redeemer/Savior to Humanity

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Climbing the peak

My Children these last 3months coming September/October/November/December are High holiday
months as the Feast of Trumphets approaches I will be waiting for you all to celebrate with ME THY GOD. For as my coming draw nearer I will reveal more to My Children earnestly seeking ME waiting to draw closer to ME THY GOD than ever. Building relationships takes time for US to appreciate each other.

IAM the GREAT IAM A LOVING,PERSONAL GOD liken as a parent to Child.

IAM not only located HIGH IN HEAVEN ..MY Throne Room & HEAVENLY Courts as well as dwellings I promised to each 1of you which I prepared for you. COME seek ME these Holiday months it will be special I will lavish you with an everlasting LOVE, acceptance like no 1else.
IAM nearer than you think..IAM the"Breathe of LIFE" I knew each 1of you. IAM Omnipresence.
My Manifestations  is all around you the beautiful sceneries, landscapes unique in each Countries
MY/OUR HEAVENLIES is also as the same reproductions but here in the HEAVENLIES it's more
alive more colorful. Your lives on Earth is temporary it is time to Prepare for your lives eternally with ME THYGOD. WE will be together for good for eternity that makes your GOD excited are you MY Beloved Children?
Not long from now the Earth will get more chaotic as the Spiritual Cleansing will commence. My Children knew about this for they have been following the Good Shepherd(Jehovah Rohi) all the way. I have given this daughter of mine vision of me & her climbing a mountain peak with ME holding her hands letting not to let go nor look at the treacherous Landscape below w/c will make you afraid/nervous. Just like when Peter have the COURAGE to hold on Faith &walk on the water.
FOCUS on ME  alone I said. The TOP has the best view same as My Spiritual Mountain TOP where
you MY Children will personally experience ME THY GOD Supernaturally.
Get ready set for this High Holiday Seasons I'll meet you  there!
Abba Heavenly Father YAHuwah/YAHshua

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It had arrived July27th 2014

My Children the midnight hour is here the beginning of sorrow they called the LORD'S wrath has started in MY TIMELINE.
 It will escalate in crescendo as the days/months passed by. Those of the Remnant Church draw more closely to ME for I will use you to instruct MY PEOPLE on what to do.
Of course those who have heard from ME personally over the years will also get more information
on any preparations for any eventuality of this. Inquire of ME personally till you hear from ME on any questions you have and I will answer you in MY TIMING & Ways. Do NOT give up on ME
yourselves/& anybody you are interceeding with. Those of you who have prepared for years this is your time do NOT quit. I can REVIVE/REFRESH anyone so spend more time with ME personally.
Do NOT draw back from all of this for it can overwhelm you. FOCUS ONLY ON ME I said as in
not looking at all negative circumstances that surrounds you now. IAM with you personally IMMANU-E L(GOD w/you 24-7) connect with ME all the time.
The hour is near for MY BRIDE to be relieved of her burdens for the people when I take her out of here.You are not going to be affected by all the chaos that will ensue the EARTH as has Prophesied
in the Book of R E V E L A T I O N. Those of you who mock & scuff My Anointed Messengers who do you think will have the last say? My Beloveds do NOT any longer partake of the WORLD IAM should be your World focused on ME alone.
I will allow the enemy of your souls for a time period of which I will let him out for those who choose him over ME Jehovah Rohi (the good Shepherd). You will know the father he was. Those of MY Remnant will be with ME where they are far from it all. The overwhelming evidence of the END TIMES are here yet those who choose to not see for they are at this point deluded & cannot see spiritually. However, those of MY own can see clearly the SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Today I want you to ASK for MY STRENGTH(Physically, Spiritually
Addedum:I miss putting this up 1st week of JULY before the SURI prediction of July 27th.I ask the LORD JESUS for forgiveness.1month+ later today(Sept 4th 2014) WE have seen the devastations all
over as these Spiritual darkness envelops the Earth. Those w/Spiritual eyes open will see it as is. CONTINUE interceding for your loved ones do not give up on them no matter what.
Today I want you to know as the days draw nearer rejoice for your Bridegroom is at the door!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Mt Carmel Confrontations

MY live in the time period of transitions ...from where you may ask?
IAM the Great IAM CREATOR is now declaring that the dividing lines are drawn to whose allegiance everyone has chosen for their own.
As Elijah of ancient times have confronted the  evil false prophets...You too My Children will do the same thing. This daughter of  mine I used for many years as Elijah of old did confronting evil & spiritual darkness
which abounds today this very LAST GENERATION. IF you knew ME personally that TRUST/FAITH I built in you over the years for MY Faithfulness you have encountered personally, confident in your GOD  by the courage/boldness that comes from ME THY GOD is not of your old nature but MY the HOLY SPIRIT in you.
IAM sending you as MY Representatives to the WORLD. You have as IAM during MY Earthly Ministry have been rejected/mock//slandered/gossiped/even MY LIFE have been threatened so many times over so you too MY Disciples of  today. You have been through many afflictions that ME THY GOD have encountered THEN so you too. IAM  IMMANU-EL(GOD w/you) is there for you on every occasions even  in the midst of turmoil you find yourselves in which will even escalate to higher crescendo no matter what IAM THY GOD is there for you.
This high Holiday months of the Feast of TRUMPETS SEEK ME personally for Prayer &Fasting period I will Cleanse/Deliver you so you MY Children can administer the same to others as well as others in need. The Elijah Spirit will fall on those I anoint such as this daughter of mine I used for many years. Remember you are SERVING the HIGHEST POSITION in HEAVEN as well on EARTH as you remember who you SERVE fear will be replaced with Courage/Boldness to  DECLARE MY T R U T H that sets free!(John8:32/Col1:13/1Peter 2:9)
With these in mind include in your Prayers those whom I used to DELIVER Messages to unbeleivers that very few take as assignments meaning no takers but always this daughter of mine which she wants to retire from after serving ME THY GOD for 13 years. Seeing that no takers for this job she continues on & on. She &her Family deserves your Prayers My Children. Thank You very much for continuing BY FAITH WE WILL MEET this Month of Sept 2014 in Prayer & Fasting. I BLESS &LOVE YOU all.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


DIATRIBE: Abusive denunciation/long angry speech or scolding
MY Children,
Bring to ME THY GOD all abusive speeches that emanates from a proud heart. For did I not say I will humble the prideful & promote the humble of hearts. My Chastisements/Disciplines aka MY ROD & STAFF is for your own good. Those who thinks otherwise will be exposed of this so the offending root causes can be cleansed by ME as you approach ME THY GOD in REPENTANCE.
A Proud heart is the very sin that made a once beautiful Angel named Lucifer fall from Grace thinking he can outsmart his own C R E AT O R there is a big difference between being a Creation & a CREATOR that alone can one deduce the big difference. However those operating in pride mode can not see it or else they will not attempt doing something that is detrimental to them. Those of you who care enough
for anyone whose in this state intercede for them in Prayer until you see the results. Those of you in the blog talk & say nasty/even say death wish for others such as dark curses to fall on anyone.
example I have shown this Daugther of mine Theysee YAH today (8/30/14 SAT) is about a CNN news clip about a certain celeb in the Hospital serious condition & needs PRAYER yet most 85%
says otherwise  even releasing evil diatribe slandering & cursing. Because I LOVE You I need to let
you know any UNacceptable behavior done will meet immediately the consequences of their actions
For did I not say.."WHAT WE SOW WE WILL REAP IN RETURN"(either good or evil)
I AM  Holiness &Righteoussness those of Mine reflects MY Character those whose not belongs to
their Father the devil & not afraid to say so.With these in mind be Courteous/Respectful of others
for IF they recommend to PRAY for RECOVERY& say otherwise cursing to death you will reap what you just deposited heaping it on your own heads. IWARNED/WARNED so no one have excuses.

Monday, August 25, 2014


My Children this Spiritual Darkness that is thicker than the fog that envelops the LAND so thick you can slice it in half is just the prelude to many more that is coming. Those however that is spiritually impaired never even notice a difference. Those  that have spiritual eyes knew the very Seasons we are in for they seek ME THY GOD personally on a daily basis I lead them to these TRUTHs in return imparts them to others. I likened these sheep of mine the 10 virgin Brides 5 virgin Bride's oil lamps is full while the other 5 foolish Bride is distracted by a lot in these World has to offer.

I'd like you to TURN AROUND for THY Bridegroom is about to arrive &I do not want you unprepared & caught unawares. I reminded this through my spoke person this Bride of mine & used her for 13years now. The training can be truly be likened to soldier's boot camp. Part of this is Character Maturity I need to sure My Bride to be is matured for I do not want to baby sit. My Spiritual soldiers on Earth what you have learned over the years of these training for a LIFE of  Service just like I did during My earthly Ministry. I will use each 1 of you according to your willingness & availability. I prefer however that you serve ME with gladness not out of duty. Those whose attitude match mine truly have been borne out of MY Spirit & slowly take the very image of
it's C R E A T O R.
This spiritual boot camp will turn a boy/girl to start with to a Matured/Confident/Humble/Servant  such as I. Pattern your Spiritual Calling after mine during MY Earthly Ministry. As each 1 of you read MY Holy epistles how I minister to people. Of course not all the time it's hardships but I will pour MY joy/contentment  in your hearts as you choose to forget about the self w/c I  ask you to deny
continually, carry your spiritual cross & continually follow ME. There is a time of refreshments in
spending time with ME it is that time where I will pour out my many Blessings and it's worth your
precious time. Discipline MY way pays in numerous ways, so all sacrifices is richly rewarded by yours truly as I see fit. I LOVE to see MY Sheep enjoying in the midst of difficulties  I will pour in
surprises/miracles/joy/contentment/peace. So come MY Children agree with ME you will not regret
you signed up to join MY Spiritual Family.
THY Spiritual Commander in Chief